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Romney Lost OH, PA, and VA Because of the Youth Vote

george33 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 9:53 PM
Romney lost Fla because of vote count fraud. One county alone, in Allen West's district, added 72,000 fraudulent votes (O won Fla by 74,000). Precincts in this county reported up to 158% more votes than qualified voters. In addition, 59 precincts in Philly voted 100% for O, and in Cleveland as well. How many more? And the new black panthers were back at the polls intimidating voters. Since it would be "racist" to question such flagrant fraud, we're stuck with another 4 years of Chicago politics, and generations of debt and loss of freedom. Where's the ACLU in these flagrant attacks on our free and fair voting process?

Editor's note: This piece was co-authored by Ron Meyer.

It’s been more than a week since the election, and everyone is still Monday-morning-quarterbacking Governor Romney’s campaign. It’s annoying. Romney ran an honest and positive campaign, and we wish him the best.

From the beginning of this race, we said the Conservative Movement and our candidates needed to speak directly to young Americans.

We didn’t, and we lost the White House largely because of this lack of effort.

Romney would’ve won the election had he won the same percentage of the youth vote--45 percent--that George Bush had won...