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No Matter How Hard He Tries, Obama Will Never Be as Bad as FDR

george33 Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 8:30 AM
If Obamacare follows historic precedent, it will far exceed FDR's social security. 15 years after medicare was created its cost was running 7 times the original CBO estimate. The CBO admitted just after estimating Obamacare that they knew the numbers they were given were bogus (they used a more PC term). They've already reassessed and doubled their original estimate. So 15 years from now, will the cost be 7 times, or 15 times, the original estimate? Only history will tell. And to be fair to FDR, social security was doing fine until our politicians started stealing from it to pay for their other programs.

I’ve explained on many occasions that Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was bad news for the economy. And the same can be said of Herbert Hoover’s policies, since he also expanded the burden of federal spending, raised tax rates, and increased government intervention.

So when I was specifically asked to take part in a symposium on Barack Obama, Franklin Roosevelt, and the New Deal, I quickly said yes.

I was asked to respond to this...

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