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Re: your last sentence - since the fed is fast becoming the only one who will buy our nearly worthless debt, who will they sell these $trillions to when the need arises, and our debt is totally worthless?
It's the old Bastiat "Broken Window" fallacy. Yes, government can create all kinds of unnecessary "make work" jobs, but at the expense of the private sector where real wealth is created. BTW, Steve, would you pay more than the cost of a new house to renovate an apartment you're renting?
Let me get this straight (and I'm a republican) - we've been looking for WMD's in Iraq for 11 years and found not a trace. But a bunch of terrorists can find them in 6 months? Either Saddam had them moved to Syria, and the terrorists brought them back, or our whole military and intelligence community are akin to the Apple Dumpling gang. Or a third possibility: our CIA gave them to the opposition forces (Read terrorists) in Libya and then, after we came, we saw, we killed Qaddafi, brokered a deal to ship them to Syria to fight that government, from whence they made their way to Iraq.
Correct. And look at all the other personal and local community responsibilities we've freely given to Uncle Sam. Pretty soon we'll all be fat dumb and happy peasants, with free food stamps for all, free health care for all, free cell phones for all, etc, etc. If we can get all we want for free, why would any of us need to protect ourselves from thieves, we and they can get the same stuff from our benevolent dictators. And once all of us are getting all that we want, there'll be no reason to rise up against our benefactors - so why would we want a gun?
Today I discovered an app called Glympse. I was able to follow my vendor, via his gps enabled cell phone, as he drove down the interstate to deliver a product to me. Anyone want to bet the NSA didn't also record his trip?
Forgot the link: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/05/07/181998015/rate-of-u-s-gun-violence-has-fallen-since-1993-study-says
Here's and interesting report, by NPR no less. It turns out that gun related deaths have fallen substantially since 1993. They split the data into several categories. When they talk about homicides, this would not include those killed by police, or accidental shootings. What's interesting is that suicide accounts for over half. This group would probably use another method if guns weren't available. But the one thing that the anti gun crowd won't discuss is that, prior to the establishment of gun free zones, school shootings were almost unheard of.
I was in Savannah a couple of years ago and saw two guys ransacking a disabled car on the bypass in broad daylight, so I know what you mean. One carried off the radio while the other had a set of golf clubs from the trunk. But I doubt these guys vote at all - they just have the libs vote for them - multiple times if necessary - and spout society's culpability if they're caught.
Many restaurants also have bars, so allowing someone who is not drinking to carry protection in such a place, sounds reasonable to me. And what about the designated driver in a bar?
Paying for birth control via insurance is like having your car insurance pay to fill up your tank with gas.
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