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Don't tax the first $20k, then pure flat 15% on all above that amount, with no deductions, exclusions, etc. And no single vs. joint rates. Then force the gov't to live on that amount (I know - I'm dreaming).
So will they reduce spending or do as the US gov't does - print more money?
Whenever did abject and repeated failure mean the end of a government program?
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Malala, Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize

george33 Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 6:41 PM
Don't forget Al Gore and the faked "hockey stick", and Arafat, who refused to stop attacking Israel. But on the bright side, the Nobel committee FINALLY decided to give the award to two heroes who actually deserves it.
I think the author was being facetious. A more accurate assessment would be that the earth is making its own temperature adjustments - without our tax money going to Uncle Sam, the UN. So Al Gore can feel comforted when he uses more energy than the average Motel 6, or two.
Read your Middle East history. Anonymous is right.
Re: "Heaven help us next Thursday" I've been thinking the same thing. I think we'll find the 11 "lost airliners" that disappeared from Tripoli airport. I get the impression that O wants his legacy to be the return of the Ottoman empire, only bigger. Unlike Mr. Limbaugh, I think O is a closet Muslim - and I think he supports the violent, kill all the infidels, definition of jihad. Why else would he wait three weeks to defend the Iraqi Christians trapped on a mountain and being bombarded daily? Why would he call Ft. Hood "workplace violence" and sweep it under the rug? Then again, National Geographic had a cover story on Saddam's gassing of the Kurds - and governments worldwide did nothing. BTW this was 1988, under Reagan's watch. Governments are all about force, and those in power care nothing about the lives of mere mortals like you and me. I wonder how these ""people" sleep at night.
We can't out fraud them when they control the vote counts in so many of the precincts. We could reduce their impact without fraud if we put enough of our own in those precincts to monitor the vote counts and call out any irregularities. We can't count on the courts. By the time blatant fraud (147% votes cast, 100% for the anointed one, 60 votes per hour per machine, all for one candidate) gets to court the election is long gone. This is one place congress could improve things - they could pass a law requiring such irregularities immediately go to the supreme court for ruling - and hold the election results until their decision, no matter how long they take.
I just hope they bring Tim Horton's to our town. Best donuts and pastries to be had, and the hottest coffee (but I guess you'd have to sign a disclaimer to get a cup South of the border).
Agreed! When will our anointed class understand that they can't tax companies into staying here? Maybe we should outsource congress to India - think they'd get the message then?
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