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Impacting Poverty

george3157 Wrote: Jun 18, 2012 9:18 AM
Star, me thinks this article would be more informative if you went beyond the obvious, which is apparent, and addressed the not-so-obvious. Who, precisely, are Jesse Jackson's paymasters? They are clearly not the voters in the 2nd District of IL who elected his worthless self to office. Just a cursory look will reveal that Jesse's paymasters are organized labor. And, who are the biggest proponents of increasing the minimum wage? Again, organized labor. As Milton Friedman pointed out more than 30 years ago, there's not a union member on the planet that gets paid anywhere near the minimum wage. However, the minimum wage serves the useful purpose of reducing the demand for low-wage labor, which drives the demand for high-wage union labor.
The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously observed that “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”

It’s an admonition not taken particularly seriously by today’s political left. They embrace, extol, advocate ideas and policies based on what they wish were true, regardless of how often and consistently their ideas have been proven wrong.

Take, for instance, the minimum wage.

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill) wants to again raise the minimum wage – from $7.25 to $10.00 - despite an abundance of experience that doing so accomplishes exactly the opposite of...