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We had a good candidate - and the GOP cheated Ron Paul out of the primary win
The GOP is finished - Boehner is a Democrat wearing a big R on his shirt - a 3rd party would take over and leave the Republicans on wall street where they serve their masters
We truly lost out by not electing Ron Paul
only because you morons keep voting Republican or Democrat expecting different results
only if the sheep keep voting Democrat
choosing the lesser of 2 evils has done such a great job for us in the past.....pfffft. That's all we ever get - a choice between 2 evils. Stop letting the media decide who gets to be President and vote for a man with principles. (you'll have to vote for a 3rd party to find any principles))
Once people stop believing in the left/right paradigm, we can start getting away from both destructive parties and start fixing our country
I mow my own lawn - you must be in the top 2%
amnesty should NEVER be supported - these people knowingly broke the law - rewarding them will only bring more here
I agree - but neither Rubio OR Cruz is Constitutionally eligible to become POTUS - Odumbo got around that though - so maybe Cruz can as well
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