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George257 Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 3:26 AM
pinenee, thats more or less what I am saying - move on, don't embrace the culture of envy or victimhood. However I have never heard the GOP say that we should return to the past. Rather it seems to me that the dems (and some reps) with their welfare dependency culture stand in the way of progress, and sharpton, jackson , obama etc are appealing to the rabble, the most unworthy of black people. I do not suggest of course, that all black people follow such a debased cause, but they do have a lot of followers. Just look at the number of people they have stirred up to victimise George Zimmerman. It may be impossible now to give him a fair trial. And ironically those people would say they are against lynching ...of blacks.

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

How long do politicians have to keep on promising heaven and delivering hell before people catch on, and stop getting swept away by rhetoric?

Why should being in a professional sport exempt anyone from prosecution for advocating deliberate violence? Recent revelations of such advocacy of violence by an NFL coach should lead to his banishment for life by the NFL, and criminal prosecution by the authorities. If you are serious about reducing violence, you have to be serious about punishing those who advocate it.

Have you noticed that what modest economic improvements we have seen...