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Perhaps no one. But there are certainly those who consider it a useful tool to increase our dependance on the state.
I haven't got a daughter, but i have three sons. They can start karate at 6 at the school they go to. I started all our kids on karate as soon as they were allowed to go. When our middle son had been attending for a few weeks, I asked him if he enjoyed going to karate. He replied, "Yes, I quite like it. But sometimes, it's a little bit like ...FIGHTING!" (Obviously at that age,we can't expect kids to fully grasp the intricacies of martial art theory.) But obviously for a girl, it's even more important to learn self defence.
Rich L: We all know right from wrong. Every society throughout history has adhered to the same basic values - that murder, stealing, assault, rape, adultery, are wrong. True, some individuals ignore the rules, including some rulers, but the majority of people in every culture know what is unacceptable. If you were to visit a remote tribe in the Amazon or Papua New Guinea, you would find they hold very similar values.
The trouble is, in a modern welfare state, those who do nothing for themselves not only survive, but live to breed even more feckless wastrel offspring. If you don't save or get a good education, the taxpayer will bail you out. If you have children out of wedlock, you will be rewarded with money and a home. If you do the right thing, you will be punished (taxed) for it. No wonder libs do not want women to be able to defend themselves. That is entirely consistent with the underlying theme of lib values - that we should not be responsible for our own actions.
and expect the government to do something.
Some of the anti self defence comments were so stupid, you might imagine their authors were trying thoughtfully to think of something stupid to say, as if they were competing to make the stupidest remarks. But I really do not think that is the case. The reality is simpler. Libs really and truly are, genuinely, that stupid. They are not pretending.
As the Romans said, if you desire peace, prepare for war. In other words, if you desire not to be raped or robbed, learn self defence. It ought to be taught at all schools, and all girls should learn it. It's a no brainer.
Yes. The lib assault on Christian values is directly encouraging and increasing the number of people willing to violate other people's rights, including committing rape. Even people who do not believe in God, should deplore the decline in Christian belief.
I grew up in South Africa at a time when the penalty for rape, murder, treason and armed robbery was death by hanging. About 150 convicts were hanged every year. Then the ANC ended the death penalty because it was racist. Mostly black men were being hanged. The result is that now 50% of all women are raped at least once during their lives. Babies as young as 1 year have been raped (because in black cultures it is believed that sex with a virgin cures AIDS). Girls who are not sexually active are strongly advised to take contraceptives in case they are raped. SA is now the murder capital of the world. Any more stupid ideas, liberals?
But this is pretty much what all the news broadcasts are saying. It is disgraceful, of course, but precisely which details are exclusive?
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6 Truths About Pornography

George257 Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 4:52 PM
Maybe the women there have more self respect or stronger moral values, so the men turn to porn because the women don't screw around. In much the same way as prostitution was rife in Victorian England, despite their Victorian family values. In other words it could be a sign of moral strength, in an ironic sort of way.
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