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He's probably not a leftist, so there's no reason to consider him for the job. He is certainly the best of all those mentioned.
It's LOWER than a non-event ! !
Among other low-life traits, liberals lack any sense of humor, and therefore are flops as comedians. This includes ALL the names mentioned in this non-event. They have a problem being humorous, since to be humorous you need a sense of reason, logic and common sense--all of which most libs lack. Audiences nervously laugh nowadays in order to uphold the leftist PC requirements--not because there is comedy involved..
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Ann Coulter's Conservative Sell-Out

George1375 Wrote: Feb 16, 2014 9:06 AM
The fact that Ann has been a regular guest on the jeraldo rivera show indicates she has no honor. What a waste.
Yeah, I guess he's a cut above geraldo or juan williams... His heart is in the right place.... I'd rather spend time listening to Savage, Levin, Steve Mahlsburg, Mark Stein, Allen West, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, etc.
Yeah, he'd fit in well there. More filler material to kill time.
You got that right! He talks in circles--all filler material, and--worst of all he sucks up to the low-info libs like juan williams, krauthammer, the fat grumpy guy and karl rove. FOX could vastly improve by getting rid of some of those type. While were at it, how in the world can the retread geraldo qualify to be on fox? The program managers need to get their act together and clean house.
This is big news???? They certainly do not have the character of any slug I know. There will not be enough room in hell for all of them and their same-sex God-hating friends.
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