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“Tolerant” Dems Think It’s OK to Insult Black Republican Women

George121 Wrote: May 30, 2012 5:58 PM
Liberals seem to have a preset mold that you are supposed to fill. You aren't supposed to think for're supposed to 'tow the line' and mimic the liberal lines...that have failed for the last 50 years. And would somebody please tell the NAACP that they are not relevant anymore! They keep the old slogans around to remember the 'glory days'..get past that...and look around. You won the war...and lost the peace.
Milt37 Wrote: May 30, 2012 6:15 PM

You make a good point that war for Civil Rights was won a long time ago, and I'm glad that it was. But why is the NAACP still around, and why does their name still include the perjorative term "Colored People" in it?
Can you imagine the fire-storm that erupt if some conservative (even Condi Rice or Allen West) used the term "Colored People". I'm white, I grew up before, and during the Civil Rights movement, and I still hate that term.
GaryL1 Wrote: May 31, 2012 10:47 PM
When I was a kid in the '50s, colored was the polite term. Some people used Negro. It is interesting how the "N-bomb" is now acceptable if used by Blacks. I would think that most Black people would want that word dead and buried in an unmarked grave.

Liberals have created an unspoken code of conduct that says it is condoned and encouraged for Democrats to insult black Republicans, particularly black female Republicans. Black Republicans must be effectively blowing up the stereotype all blacks are not liberals because I’ve noticed a rash of Twitter accounts have been created by Democrat operatives with the sole purposes of attacking me to silence me.

Unlike some blacks who call themselves independents in order to be more palatable to the mainstream media establishment, I don’t straddle the center. I call myself a Republican and this really BOTHERS Democrats because I’m not black like...