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Common Defense: In Crisis, America Buys Guns, Hurray!

George121 Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 6:30 PM
Every law abiding citizen should tear down every one of those moronic "Gun-Free Zone" signs. Only a narcissistic, brain-dead lefty would think those signs deter gun crime. I'd rather see a sign that reads," Gun-carry licensed firearms welcome". You can bet that movie theatre slaughter would not have happened last week!.

While the Left looks for more reasons to restrict our right to self defense every time an infamous shooting occurs, the standard reaction of the general population in Colorado is to stock up on guns and ammo in self defense.

It’s a reaction that’s uniquely American, where every man’s a captain. But it’s also a reaction that has a long history in the West, a history we should be proud of.

And when I say the West I really mean everywhere in America. Because at one time or another in our history everywhere from the tidewater on the east...

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