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Without the kids recording their ranting-leftist teachers, we'd never know that lunatics run the classes. I especially noticed the recent rant of a teacher berating a student... She was yelling, " you won't dierespect your President'. Are you kidding me? Welcome to the class for "Political Conditioning 101". She didn't say that when Pres. Bush was in office...I'll guarantee that!
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Are We Going Over a Cliff?

George121 Wrote: May 26, 2012 4:06 PM
We've already gone over the just hasn't made it to the newspapers yet. When I read that we might be headed to another questions is, " When did the last one end?" This has been one long, worsening mini-depression for the last four years. We are hanging on by our fingernails. Who actually believes the scammed unemployment numbers? Or the inflation numbers that omits the cost of food and gasoline? Nobody who remembers how to think for themselves..
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OMG! LA Bans Plastic

George121 Wrote: May 25, 2012 7:25 PM
Isn't it ironic that when the people can barely afford to buy any food, the moonbeam-state government bans plastic bags? The people who are living in tent cities can burn the paper bags for heat and for cooking. Unless open fires are banned too. Would somebody puhleez tell Sacramento that there is no law that say's they HAVE to be stupid!! If they try real hard, I'd bet they can start thinking rationally...well, maybe. A little bit...sometime.
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Canada's 'Scientific' Museum of Smut

George121 Wrote: May 25, 2012 7:19 PM
Ok... I've become convinced of one basic, historical fact: government 'experts' are narcissistic idiots. Period. Anytime scientists or academics get involved with government money...they lose brain cells and integrity. One shining example is that pesky 'man-made global warming'. As for the 'sex' museum..just another pathetic attempt by the government and the social engineer crowd to circumvent parental wisdom & authority. The liberal mantra seems to be, " corrupt the kiddies before the parents can interfere with traditional guidance."
Good! Shut them all down. We'd find that we really don't need all that government anyway. In fact, if they did shut down..maybe they'd have less chance to waste and steal our money for a few days. If the whining lunatics can't work up a budget in three years..maybe the're too dumb and infantile to do the job anyway. Yeah...Shut down.. Go ahead Washington.. I dare you.
There was a time when the NAACP was the legitimate voice for the racial rights struggle. That was a long time ago. They have lost any sense of relevence. They are simply stuck in the past. Now they look around at greeting cards that could be seen as 'racist'.. They have diminished to the point of being a whining joke. They need to look around and see what the problems really are. Lifelong welfare, family disintegration, poor education.. you can't blame the whites anymore.. Get up and take care of yourselves. Nobody else can do it for you. The liberals have proven that already.
'Julia' sounds more like a family pet then a human being. Maybe that's the way Washington sees all of us these days.
So, let me get this straight: 'Evolution' is the same as either 1.) compromize principle, integrity & religious concepts.. or 2). become just like the spinelss MSM clowns that will say & do anything to corrupt our society. These morons actually think they can persuade the Vatican to simply compromise to 'get along'. They think that 1900 years of tradition, faith & moral foundation can be changed...just to keep Obama happy. Is there no end to the mindless arrogance? Is there no character or integrity to these socialists? I guess not.
OK... I yell this from the mountain tops, " GIVE IT A REST!!". The moronic argument has always been, Like Obama...and your a good person...dislike Obama...and you are a bigotted, intolerant racist... Who cares? I can't wait until his Executive orders & Obama-care are rescinded! I want my Bill of rights to mean something again. I speak of the NDAA & NDRP orders that could easily erase all of my rights with one stroke on an executive pen....on some trumped up 'national emergency' order. The foundation of the Republic is at stake. Racist? That's garbage. I want my country back.
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Time to Declare a War on Stupid

George121 Wrote: May 15, 2012 5:03 PM
I love the idea of a 'war-on-stupid'...except for one thing.. The Fed's have had a war on poverty...made it worse... the had 'the great society imitiative'....that was a multi-trillion boondoggle. They had the 'Banking oversite committee'...and sub prime loan scam kept on implosion. They have a war on drugs...only getting worse.. They had 'Fast & Furious'...fiasco to the nth degree. They have a war on medical costs....causing a reduction in med care.. Let's face the truth: From a historical perspective, a war on stupid..would only give 'more stupid'. Only know they'd end up calling 'stupid' a disease...for federal funding.
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The Lights of Perverted Science

George121 Wrote: May 13, 2012 11:53 AM
Have you noriced that whenever science and politics get together..somebody always gets hurt? Science becomes corrupoted by the grant money that is thrown at them.. I believe it was: 97% grant money paid out by congress went to 'prove' global warming.. 3% went to 'basic science that disproved it. Now, ya think some liberal-scientists made a great living by falsifying keep the grant money coming in? Bet on it. Uncountable $billions have been scammed and lost because of all the 'green' laws. Who corrupts whom first? politicians or the scientists?
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