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Germany in Recession

George121 Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 6:37 PM
This was painfully inevitable. Germany has been bailing out everybody in Europe. You can bet the German people are fed up with the politics, fianancial scamming, banking scams and overall deterioration of their economy. When will anyone start calling this current disaster what it is," the 2nd great depression?" stop calling it a 'double-dip' or a new recession. Who trusts the MSM when they talk about a recovery? Anybody? Nope. This has been a crashing nightmare for the last 5 years.
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And the Survey Says: Obama’s a Loser

George121 Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 6:33 PM
In the late 70's, the 'new normal' was Jimmy Carter's 'national malaise'. Then in the 80's we had the 'new normal' of Reagan..which was "WE ARE BACK!" The 'new normal' with Obama," Blame anybody else for his screw ups".
Every law abiding citizen should tear down every one of those moronic "Gun-Free Zone" signs. Only a narcissistic, brain-dead lefty would think those signs deter gun crime. I'd rather see a sign that reads," Gun-carry licensed firearms welcome". You can bet that movie theatre slaughter would not have happened last week!.
A few years ago I received my 'gun carry license'. As I was leaving the courthouse, a policeman spoke to me. He thanked me for being responsible...then he told me a truth I'll never forget. " We can't protect you. We patrol & respond to 911 calls..but we can't protect you 24x7. You have to take care of yourself...until we arrive." He knew the streets, gangs and crime. Last week I went shopping...you know..eggs, milk, butter...and .223 caliber bullets for my AR15. We no longer live in 'Leave-it-to-Beaver-ville". We must depend on ourselves.. If the liberals think they can protect us..they are morons or liars.
The 'left' want us to think like helpless sheep..and quietly wait for the 'authorities' to keep us safe. History tell us that whenever the 'autorities' attain that kind of power... the sheep get slaughtered. We old-fashioned Americans prefer to have some control over our own safety. We prefer true freedom instead of the moronic utopian ideas that spew from the 'Left". I'll keep my faith, my Bible and my gun...you gys can keep your NDAA, Hope&Change and Internet kill-switch...
One last thing... You look happy in your photo... Not many liberals look that happy...ever.
Liberals seem to have a preset mold that you are supposed to fill. You aren't supposed to think for yourself..you're supposed to 'tow the line' and mimic the liberal lines...that have failed for the last 50 years. And would somebody please tell the NAACP that they are not relevant anymore! They keep the old slogans around to remember the 'glory days'..get past that...and look around. You won the war...and lost the peace.
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Viva Cristo Rey!

George121 Wrote: May 30, 2012 5:55 PM
The reason we never heard of this revolution and the slaughter of the faithful Catholics... it isn't mindless pop culture. The schools couldn't spin it in favor of some moronic socialist welfare program. The movie critics would burst into flames if they had to write anything good about the martyrs. We live in a corrupted, brainwashed society where 'good' doesn't work unless it comes from some liberal gov't agency. We have got tot reverse the insanity and get back to basics... Christian faith is under very aggressive attack because the left knows it is truly a religion of peace..therefore very easy and safe to assault.
"There needs to be a law"... and I hate new laws... But.. There needs to be a lwa that demands that everything written into law ...be written in plain english. Not legaleez...not written in such a confusing way that you need a room of lawyers to interpret it.This Prop 28 is a classic example.. of government LYING to the citizens AGAIN. Write it like this," Two terms..and you are out..period". What is so difficult to understand about that?
Without the kids recording their ranting-leftist teachers, we'd never know that lunatics run the classes. I especially noticed the recent rant of a teacher berating a student... She was yelling, " you won't dierespect your President'. Are you kidding me? Welcome to the class for "Political Conditioning 101". She didn't say that when Pres. Bush was in office...I'll guarantee that!
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