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Hoover Dam: Worst Investment in History

George1001 Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 1:49 PM
Well with out Hoover Dam, Las Vegas would not exist. For good or Ill its done the money spent, its like crying over spilled milk. Early this summer I was out at The Grand Coulee dam, in Washington State. Its high desert yet the whole area is a giant fruit orchard. Never mind the Electricity the country need on the eve of World War II Hanford is not to far. Yea they lost the salmon runs while I would rather fish, I also like a steady supply of Apples and Cherries too. Its something to see, and if it was not there or built there would be a whole lot of nothing there. Thou where I was for a few weeks outside of the orchards, there was a whole lot of nothing.

Economics professor Bernard Malamud not once but twice invited the crowd in Las Vegas to visit nearby Hoover Dam to see for themselves an example of the productive assets that were created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt's (FDR) New Deal. Professor Malamud was recruited to plead the Keynesian side of the argument in an "FDR's Depression Policies: Good Deal or Raw Deal?" debate with the Foundation for Economic Education's (FEE) Lawrence Reed during FreedomFest.

I finished my masters degree from UNLV under the tutelage of Murray Rothbard but I started my coursework with a class or two from professor Malamud, who, while...

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