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Is Europe Cracking Up?

George1001 Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 5:31 PM
I know what we need to do, is to invent something that the Europeans can better cut each others throats with! August 1914 is just five months away!
Well maybe they should try the Winter games of 1939-40 again up in Finland! For those of you in Rio Linda, thats the Russo Finnish War, the Finns call it "The Winter War" it was a bloody mess, Finland kept her independence and that is saying something.
Great commercial, while I don't like electric cars, break a leg if you do, for some reason we are not built power plants anymore either and were is the juice going to come from to charge the cars? That fellow was in HBO's The Pacific if not mistaken good actor. Oh and my dad drove nothing but Cadillacs. I have fond memories of the 1949 de ville then the 1963 de Ville that for some odd reason he quit driving and parked it and drove the 49 till he died in 67.
They are making it to complicated, all they have to do is take the Wording of the Second Amendment and that is all they need, use plan language and keep the lawyer wording out of it. Ukrainian people have a long history of bering arms, its just since the end of the first world war and the Communist State that changed things much to their sorrow.
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The Myth Of JFK

George1001 Wrote: Nov 21, 2013 12:32 PM
Well my life long Democrat Mom, who broke with the family and voted for Nixon in 1960, She never vote for a democrat ever again. My dad knew Joseph Sr. and was appalled that Ted got elected to the Senate, he never voted Democrat ever again. He didn't deserve to be murdered, but he was, and it was by Oswald alone, the little germ decided to do it when he read about his trip to Dallas and his motor route in the paper. There was no real planning or anything, it was just luck, that the president would be in a place close enough for Oswald it was very close for a rifle any rifle would due. And JFK because of a physical problem, he was trust up so that all he could do, was just sit and and take the hits. Think about that some times, I didn't move. As for the rest of it, it gave Lyndon Johnson the Presidency and well we are paying a heavy price for it now.
These to guys go in to a store, and with firearms demand money or else, nobody is saying a word about these two with regard to even being in legal possession of said firearms and legally able to carry. My guess they were not. Then the neighbor sees this and ask them to stop while I call the police, so the two germs thought this was going to be some more easy meat decided to take on this fellow, exempt one little problem, he was armed and could shoot. So these two died for nothing, and they want to charge that fellow with murder? I can understand how this reasoning works, but the DA is going to charge their get away driver with Second Degree Murder, the Family is getting what they want a murder charge on the guilty party. What is the problem here? There is none.
I am a professional pilot and have been so for just about 40 accident free years. Those pilot screw up so bad its pathetic, A Visual Approach to a runway is Pilot 101 stuff. You can tell if the approach is not right right quick. Runway to low in the wind screen, You are to high, the runway high in the wind screen you are to low. Sure there are all kinds of aids for the pilot to use to get on and stay on the proper glide path to the runway visual and electronic. These guys broke a perfectly good airplane and they are now lying about being blinded or some such nonsense. The FAA will figure it out, those pilots are in a world of hurt if they are caught in a lie, you never lie to the FAA, you be up front about it and at most you will just get a reprimand, lie and you will get your certificate revoked and jail on top of that. As for this nonsense with the media, they are for the most part fools, and to go blame an intern, who's main job is to get coffee and bagels is laughable in its own right. Dan Rather with the JFK jr accident got taken for a ride too, not that its all that hard he is as stupid as a fence post.
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Operating Inside a House With an AR-15

George1001 Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 10:37 AM
Jeff Cooper would be proud of you!
Do as I say not as I do! As my mother would opine.. She left the Democrats back in the 1950's when she voted for General Eisenhower for President and re registered as a Republican when Kennedy ran in 1960. Well my dad who was not a shooter or a hunter- gave me two rifles in 1960 and had me learn to shoot- I still have those two rifles and others as well, I never saw a gun I didn't like some more that others, like my current Blaser R-93. The only thing now is that I am 53 years older, we have a lot more deer around to hunt and to eat the only down side is an out of control government. This is not going the way they thought it would, we just roll over after Sandy Hook, The were very wrong and they are going to pay a huge price for it.
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The Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI

George1001 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 1:13 PM
A good commentary on a truly fine man.
In other words its a car nobody wanted, Well there is a solution to this mess, first the government gets out of the automobile business altogether, and cafe standard. And just let the auto makers make the kind of cars and trucks americans would buy. Its not that hard. GM was able to do it from the time they started till the Government started sticking their noses into it in the late 1950's. It just took 50 years for GM to go from being the biggest auto maker profitable to being a wreck. The bottom line is that the domestic auto industry has been destroyed and it was done on purpose. The reason they went to internal combustion route was well because it works its that simple,
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