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Send in the SAS, and remove that person by shooting him! Not a hard decision to make, and if you don't have the know how, I am sure that for the asking Sayeret Matkal, would come and well end it!
They do, its called a Bronze Star with a V for valor, you get those for closing with and killing the enemy! All you have to do is Join the United States Army, then go to one of the Combat Arms of the Army, Go infantry, or you can Go to the Marines, same deal, or if you decide to go Navy then you really need some stones- Go SEALS! Foolishness aside she is a good choice, with that there is not a College in the World were she would not be excepted! I would think England and Cambridge for the next 5 to 10 years!
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Our New Missiles of October

George1001 Wrote: Oct 23, 2014 8:06 AM
There is a major difference between JFK and BO, JFK loved the Country to that there was no doubt and he was while not the greatest man to ever hold the office, he was also an adult! BO is a man child pretending to be an adult and he despises the country, so this really is no real surprise, I know people who voted for him and they can't even tell me who he is, I am being a racist for asking the question!
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What the Arab World Produces

George1001 Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 7:44 AM
Well its not any sort of a surprise now is it? Most of them can't read so there is no need for books, the rest is Allah's will or some such nonsense. We the rest of us can read, and most of us are way better educated in general and we don't marry our cousins, the main problem for them in inbreeding! As for the other thing, well, at some point we in the West are going to have to deal with it in the only manner that will work, we will have to crush them in the same manner the Mongols did, some 800 years ago !
All that is needed is for BO to assign this mess to a General that is of the George Smith Patton, Jr school of war making, with just one simple order, Crush them! And if it means crushing Iran in the process well better late than never, it was something that should have been done in 1979, but it was not, so we have a bigger more expensive mess to deal with, so If a Patton would not do for the White house Marxist, then well a Marshall Zhukov would have to do, and in dealing with the Muslims, a Zhukov might just be the right sort of bulldog stubbornness and the willing ness to do the hard thing for Victory! Then there is Vatutin of Kursk, he would be my choice If I had to go the communist route in this ! Then there is Emily Litella, she would be about what BO would like - so never mind!
Its says more about Us as a Nation than what Obama dose or dose not do, He just signed off on the recommendation, it was an over sight that has been corrected, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin received his almost 50 years after the fact! Teddy Roosevelt a 100 years after the fact, Dittos to Daniel Inouye also, We americans have a habit of correcting our over sights and mistakes, As for the Current CIC, that will get corrected do! I have to give Obama some credit he tries to do it well in this presentations, he is who he is at least he makes the effort in these cases, he is not going to fair well once he leaves office or what the historians will have to say at a much latter date! There is just only so much golf one can play and dose anybody know if he even plays the game well?
Nonsense, nothing more, gee's the current governor gotten the death penalty abolished here in the State of CT, he is never going to be put to death!
I held a Pilot Certificate for both Airplanes and Helicopters for 40 years now, I fly for a living, the FAA dose not issue pilot licenses, they issue a certificate, and with a current medical certificate its good till you either its suspended, surrendered or revoked. This turd certificate if he even gotten one has long since been revoked. Now there is a defense for such persons abroad aircraft, its a gun! You just shoot him, pilots should be armed, I carry a gun all the time, when I fly, in alaska it use to be the law, now its plan common sense, but common sense has little to do with the Politically Correct world we live in, add up the cost of 4 pistols on 9/11 and ammo vs the lost of the trade center, and other damage to property, lost of aircraft, hit to the national economy, loss of life, the cost of the long war, gee you could buy a country for the amount of money that comes to, a country like Ukraine for example or even Russia! But no, so we have to go do it, one bullet at a time for the next 100 years! Makes perfect sense to me! Yep guns are bad!
The Commanding General of the ETO, ordered that every single local next to a Concentration Camp, to march thru and to clean up the mess. His contention was simple that some day in the future, people will say it never happened or that it was a hoax. Its not a hoax, its well documented by the criminals that carried it out. There are others besides, The Turks and the Arminianians and then their is the Ukrainians, The Humanador, those two they would not even say it was a genocide that it was. My library in the town I live in has two people come in once a year, one was one of the Soldiers that liberated Dachau, he was a medic and the other lived thru the horror as an inmate of some really nasty places in the Third Riech, she is almost 90 now. Israel dose what it dose because there is no other choice, most of them would just rather tend to the farms and make sure the kids get good grades in school. As they say Never again!
Well the bible frowns on Murder, and no matter how you want to frame it, an abortion is murdering another human being its that simple. But its the law of the land for now, This people know that the day is coming when Roe v Wade will be over turned. The court should have never decided it- its up to the states and the people to decide such things.
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