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Well the bible frowns on Murder, and no matter how you want to frame it, an abortion is murdering another human being its that simple. But its the law of the land for now, This people know that the day is coming when Roe v Wade will be over turned. The court should have never decided it- its up to the states and the people to decide such things.
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HBO's Dreadful Reagan Lie

George1001 Wrote: May 30, 2014 7:30 AM
When you consider the mechanics of homosexual sex, its nothing but filth, pigs are cleaner than that. Reagan gotten tagged with this garbage for the simple reason, his Greatness nothing more. Its all BS and well what do you expect from HBO, par for the course. This twerp will be long forgotten, I didn't even know who or what he was till now and Ronald Wilson Reagan will be well remembered as one of the Giants of the 20th century of the same stature as that other Giant Winston Churchill .
Sort of like what the Germans did, during the Battle of the Bulge. I looks like another European Blood letting is in the making. Ukraine should have never allowed itself to disarm, they should have kept the Nukes. I am afraid that Ukraine is going to need soldiers and a lot of them before this is over with.
All that is need is a little bit of that Spine of Steel that Joe said of Obama, the best way to end this bullying is to stand up to it and say no you don't. Nobody wants to go to war, not us The Ukrainians or the Russians- that part of the world ran red with blood not to long ago. It would not take much, but like that other conflict nobody was willing to say no you don't till the issue was forced and there was a lot of blood spilled. Its 1936, If I was the Poles I would be preparing the army and the people to fight a short bloody war that is coming. Then again its no surprise when BO canceled the Missile defense in Poland on September 17!
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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

George1001 Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 7:25 PM
Well her in CT, a State Legislature seat that the Democrats held for 40 years was lost to a Pro 2nd Amendment Republican. Now this is not small potatoes he ran on this nonsense is unconstitutional with both the State and Federal constitutions. Of course they are not going to say nothing and do nothing because Nov 4 is just six months a way and well what ever it is we do our first priority is to keep or phony baloney jobs.
Just what the State of CT needs another assclown! I live here and as soon as a secure employment someplace else, I may have an offer in Alaska and in Montana. Doing a contract in both states, I am gone.
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Is Europe Cracking Up?

George1001 Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 5:31 PM
I know what we need to do, is to invent something that the Europeans can better cut each others throats with! August 1914 is just five months away!
Well maybe they should try the Winter games of 1939-40 again up in Finland! For those of you in Rio Linda, thats the Russo Finnish War, the Finns call it "The Winter War" it was a bloody mess, Finland kept her independence and that is saying something.
Great commercial, while I don't like electric cars, break a leg if you do, for some reason we are not built power plants anymore either and were is the juice going to come from to charge the cars? That fellow was in HBO's The Pacific if not mistaken good actor. Oh and my dad drove nothing but Cadillacs. I have fond memories of the 1949 de ville then the 1963 de Ville that for some odd reason he quit driving and parked it and drove the 49 till he died in 67.
They are making it to complicated, all they have to do is take the Wording of the Second Amendment and that is all they need, use plan language and keep the lawyer wording out of it. Ukrainian people have a long history of bering arms, its just since the end of the first world war and the Communist State that changed things much to their sorrow.
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