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That's what they call "A day late and a dollar short."
That won't work. One snark from Ann and Rachel is done for.
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Connecting the Dots of President Obama

George10 Wrote: Jun 22, 2014 7:19 PM
Yes, connect the dots. There is the dot of Obama's brain and the dot of Biden's brain. The dot of Pelosi's brain and the dot of Harry Reid's brain. Need I continue?
Of course it isn't his responsibility. NOTHING is his responsibility unless he thinks it is to his advantage in which case it's "I … I … I …"
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Purple Lavender White and Colored

George10 Wrote: May 10, 2014 7:56 PM
I would actually recommend a separate restroom for the "transgendered." I certainly don't want them in the same restroom with me.
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The Wrong Obama Just Got Fired

George10 Wrote: May 06, 2014 11:25 PM
You forgot to mention that under Obama more are giving up their citizenship than ever before. American citizenship used to be a sought-for commodity.
No, Chris, Rumfeld doesn't look like a car bomber, but YOU do.
Obama's message: "We won't deport you for signing up for Obamacare—we'll deport Americans who fail to conform to my decrees."
And don't forget that it's all Rutherford B Hayes fault !!
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Ann Coulter's Conservative Sell-Out

George10 Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 5:24 PM
In defense of Ann, she came out in favor of electing REPUBLICANS regardless of their stripe today in criticism of those who refuse of vote for RINOs. Her rationale was that we would never win if we are narrow in our support of those in the Republican Party. Hopefully that means that she would not cross party lines to vote someone opposed to a well-known RINO like McCain.
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