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It never seemed to me that Obama ever really wanted to do the real job of the president, which is to execute laws faithfully and execute national defense and foreign relations. It always seemed to me that Obama never wanted to be bothered with these things. When we were in the midst of a budget crisis and the GAO reports that about $200 billion per year is wasted, Obama didn't lift a finger to find a penny of that waste. I believe Obama just wants to implement his "fundamental transformation of America" and to enjoy the perks of the office. He never seemed to be interested in being the chief EXECUTIVE.
If the first hearings are in September, how can they honestly declare there was no wrongdoing?
Even worse, it sounds like the program to "correct" the premium increases does it by simply rejecting the premium increases, not by addressing the CAUSE of the premium increases. It seems to assume that the premium increases are due to greedy b*stard insurance companies, rather than consider that the wealth redistribution features, or other aspects, of the ACA made it necessary to raise premiums. So what will happen is that the insurance companies will be forced to lose money or pull out of the business. They will do the latter. The central government will then come in offering a single payer system while pointer its finger at those greedy b*stard insurance companies. Us taxpayers (including future generations) will cough up the tax money to subsidize it to keep the premiums low so the central government can say, "See, centralized government is great. We lowered premiums compared to those b*stard insurance companies".
Define "Jewish". I have heard some define it as having to do with the religion of Judaism. I have heard other regard it as an ethnic group. Personally, I consider both to be true, and a person doesn't have to be both - just one or both. But I am not Jewish by anyone's definition. I have a friend who insists that Jews are only observers of Judaism, never an ethnic group. He says he is an atheist but he has been known to claim to be Jewish when the questioned about his ethnicity. I heard an Israeli official state the other day that Israel is a Jewish state. In what sense did he mean that? Religious wise? Ethnic wise? Both?
Boehner too. Boehner even surrenders his position before negotiations even start.
Does anyone honestly believe that Obama has any interest in controlling who comes here, even his supporters and apologists?
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Who'll Build the Roads?

GeoInSD Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 11:31 AM
Of course Mr. Stossel is correct, but the politicians and bureaucrats do not care. They are totally convinced that they know what is best for us, so to h*ll with what we the people want and prefer. To h*ll with liberty. They would actually rather we be a dictatorship with them in charge while they feign support of democratic principles.
The low sales relative to the advance (reportedly $14M), or the $14M advance does she deserve? I don't begrudge HClinton getting as much as her publisher was willing to pay as long as she didn't mislead them. That is free market capitalism which I very much support.
How are her book sales any indication of her performance as secretary of state?
Bill Clinton is more Leftist than he gets credit for. Much of his seemingly centrist governing was because the GOP leadership was effective in his day, unlike now. BC did start out pushing a Leftist agenda, such as socialized medicine, and got backlash in the 1994 elections, as Obama did in 2010. BC is a Leftist ideologue in his heart but he isn't so married to his principles. The GOP leadership fought and BC compromised, in complete contrast to today where Obama held firm and the GOP leadership surrenders without a fight. Of course BC signed the RFRA. How could he not with it passing UNANIMOUSLY in the House and 97-3 in the senate, and co-sponsored by Ted Kennedy? That would have been an embarrassing veto override if he didn't sign it. Perhaps BC would have signed it anyway without the prospect of an override, but he really couldn't not sign it.
Let's see. I need to buy something from a particular type of business. There are two businesses that provide that service. Technical competency and price seem to be the same but one has employees that quickly understand exactly what I need and the other it takes me an hour to explain to the employees what I need and they still get it wrong half the time. Which one gets my business? For the government to stick its nose in this is tyranny.
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