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I agree. Asians used to vote Republican and only voted Dem not long ago. I think the reason the GOP have lost minority votes (I am a member of a minority group myself) is that the Dems have done a good job with demagoguery and convincing minorities and women that the GOP hates them. The GOP has done a terrible job of defending itself as I don't believe for a second that the GOP hates minorities or women. Personally, I think the Dems are the ones that actually look down on minorities and women. They seem to think that we aren't smart enough to compete with White people without being given some sort of handicap. I find that very offensive. I have competed with White people and have done quite well without any special favors, thank you. (My particular field is quite a meritocracy.) I am not saying I am superior, just that I don't need any special help. Women should feel insulted by Dems how the Dems seem to think they can be manipulated by their lady parts and this "war on women" nonsense.
I think the Republicans should study how Reagan got landslides in 1980 and 1984. Reagan was just a few thousand votes shy of winning Minnesota in 1984 and winning all 50 states. And this is a man the pundits said couldn't get elected.
Hey House Dems. Take responsibility for your own actions. Don't blame Pelosi or Obama. You probably would have results more favorable to you had you listened to your constituents rather than Obama or Pelosi. Your blaming of Obama or Pelosi for your losses just increases my contempt for you.
I am not surprised at all but their should be consequences for this. The officials should have their *sses put in jail for contempt, or whatever. At the very least, they should be fired and lose all pension benefits. Otherwise, bullsh** behavior like this will just continue.
I had a bad feeling about electronic voting machines from the beginning. I am a software engineer and fraud would be made too easy on an electronic voting machine. I am more worried about problems that aren't seen, like the vote counts being faked without showing any abnormalities at the voter user interface.
If the GOP wins a majority in the Senate, please do not declare victory and take a nap. Tossing Harry Reid out of the senate majority leader spot is only the start. The GOP senate and House must also fulfill its role as a check and balance against the executive order happy Obama. We must hold these new senators (and the old ones too) to account. Keep the pressure up, not just in election years. The new Congress must also take positive steps towards reforming the current state of lawlessness in DC, not just block Obama's fundamental transformation of America (block that agenda is an important function, but it needs to do more to turn back the heavy hand of centralized government).
When the empirical results do not match the predictions of a hypothesis, it is very simple. Either the measurements are in error and it must be shown that they are in error, or the hypothesis is incorrect. Since the global warmers have not even suggested that the measurements are wrong, their hypothesis of global warming is wrong. It really is that simple. WSJ, there is no mystery. The hypothesis of man made global warming is incorrect.
We already know that Pres. Obama doesn't respect Mr. Netanyahu. Pres. Obama treated Mr. Netanyahu very rudely when he visited the White House. Obama and the president of France were caught on a hot microphone saying how that can't stand Mr. Netanyahu. So of course there is not going to be an investigation into who refers to Mr. Netanyahu as CS because it is probably Obama.
Don't you know? It doesn't matter what you want or need. It only matters what the collective wants or needs. It looks like you didn't get the memo of the last 6 years.
Your children don't belong to you, as Ms. Tampon Earrings on MSNBC tells us. BTW, the communists and Nazis agree.
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