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Why don't the Republicans learn to speak English? The story of the DHS shutting down is bulls***. Those essential parts will keep running even without a deal. WHY DON"T THEY EXPLAIN THIS? During the so called gov shutdown of 2013, 87% of the gov still operated? How is that? The reason is that 87% was deemed "essential". It will be the same with DHS if it doesn't get funded. The parts important to our security will continue to operate. I just explained it clearly and correctly. What is wrong with the GOP leadership that they can't make the case? Or is it that they don't want to make the case? I.e. are they actually conspiring with the Dems to fund Obama's unconstitutional amnesty but want to appear that they resisted?
Bloomberg is just your standard Progressive. They believe they have the keys to create heaven on Earth. Facts are irrelevant. What is relevant is the compliance of all. The goal is to get that compliance by any means necessary. If truth works, great. If truth doesn't work, lie. If people won't comply voluntarily, coerce them. If they still won't comply, ..., just take a look at history to see what they do to those that still won't comply.
In order to "fundamentally transform America", the people have to hate America, otherwise why transform it fundamentally? Towards that goal, the Left creates these straw men to try to convince Americans that America is cr*p, so they will want to transform it fundamentally. If you love the US and believe it is a force for good in the world, why would you want to transform it fundamentally?
I know multiple people who took their time finding a new job after being laid off near the beginning of the Great Recession. Though unemployment insurance benefits were much less than what they made while employed, they were a bit burned out and weren't in a hurry at all to find work. I was laid off too but I couldn't stand being out of work and sought work immediately.
Scott Walker at his relatively young age is already more accomplished that 99.9% of all college graduates. He is certainly far more accomplished than Barack Obama was when Obama was elected in 2008. He has already demonstrated more courage and leadership than most politicians. He has also demonstrated better judgement than most politicians. As Hillary Clinton said, "At this point, what difference does it (a college diploma) make?"
The Left constantly plays word games with the intention of distracting attention from the real issues, and they are masters at it. The real issues concerning illegal immigration are rule of law, national sovereignty, national security, national fiscal responsibility, the interests of the nation and the people who are already here legally, national identity, etc. The issues of concern are not the needs of illegal immigrants. We didn't ask them to come here so their problems are not ours. Some might find that statement harsh but it is true. The only right illegal immigrants have is the basic right to be treated with basic courtesy and dignity. We owe them nothing else. If a stranger invades my house, I owe that person nothing. I have every right to expel that person from my house. Anything I give that person is only of my graciousness, and I am under no obligation to do so. Full stop.
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Confirmed: Barbara Boxer to Retire

GeoInSD Wrote: Jan 08, 2015 4:15 PM
I am sorry to say, but you might be right. Didn't the Obama's buy a home in Palm Springs not long ago? I am a life long Californian. It is a beautiful state with the world's best climate where I live (San Diego), but we keep electing nuts who seem to work overtime figuring out how to restrict our liberty even more. I took great pleasure when Leland Yee was arrested in a sting where he thought he was brokering a sale of weapons to terrorists. The irony of it with him continually trying to pass a law that would effectively make ARs illegal with no grandfathering of existing ARs. His proposed law kept failing to pass but he would keep bringing it up again. I literally LOL when I heard he was arrested for attempted gun running.
There is a lot of money made by people exploiting people's perception of racism. Just listen to the news for a week and you will see some. Some have become fabulously wealthy. Race politics is a big business.
In my own experience and observation, prosperity comes from hard work, perseverance, risk taking, and luck. Even a person blessed with greatest of talent won't succeed, regardless of race or racism, without these things. In my observation, foreign born Asians are much more willing to take risks than native born Americans of any race. (I am an American born Asian; my wife is a foreign born American Asian.) I am far more risk averse than my wife. I am much more prosperous because of risk taking in investments that I learned from her and her brother. My parents grew up during the Depression and instilled in me an aversion to risk. Following their way, I would do ok but not great. I am far more prosperous than my parents dreamed I could ever be: some due to education but much due to risk taking (measured risk taking, not blind risk taking). Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I tell an anecdote in support of #5. I have a very close friend who disliked me at first, primary because I am not White. He is fits most Texan stereotypes. However, once he got to know me, he discovered that I am a good guy and that his prejudices towards me were wrong. I became like the son he wished he had. I tell people that he has prejudice but he isn't a bigot. I personally believe prejudice is a self defense mechanism. No one has enough time on this Earth to get to know everything well. So we classify things into high risk and low risk categories. Everyone has their concept of a "scary looking dude", and one is wise to be cautious until one knows that it is safe to let one's guard down.
There are very few family owned ranches/farms left. My uncle was the last farmer of my extended family and he left agriculture in the late 1970s. Agriculture in general exited where I family ranch is located not long afterward. If the government has control over your diet and your healthcare, it pretty much has you under its thumb. There is no escape.
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