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Ted Cruz: Who the Heck is Peter King?

GeoInSD Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 10:32 AM
I say the government shutdown was a good thing. Few people were affected at all. To me, it proved that the government is not lean, that much of government is not essential, that it can be cut quite a bit without cutting into essential services.
I thought Gibbs was insulting and condescending. Carney is even more so by an order of magnitude. Will the new one be even more so?
I thought the ability to lie is one of the qualifications of the job.
Sure, countries with socialized medicine will beat us if the metric is cost for outcome. They have death panels. We don't (yet). That is how they control their costs, by devaluing human life. Most health care costs in the US is spent on the last few years of a person's life. In countries with socialized medicine, they simply don't spend that money and leave people untreated. If we stopped treating people in the last few years of life, we would have great cost/outcome metrics too.
"if the state is routinely sentencing innocents to death" - since when does the state ROUTINELY sentence anyone to death, let alone the innocent? I do believe in capital punishment but I think the threshold should be where guilt is well beyond reasonable doubt, near no doubt. In the case of my sister-in-law's murder, there is NO DOUBT the convicted did it and did it brutally - he said so himself and the evidence left no doubt that he did. I personally don't think the death penalty should be imposed for deterrence. Any sentence, regardless of crime, should be for punishment matching the crime, not for deterrence or to make the convicted suffer. Otherwise it is unjust or unconstitutional. BTW, the murderer of my sister-in-law who slashed/stabbed her 9 times and the wounds showed she struggled and suffered for a time. The corner said the struggle probably lasted a minute and she bled to death. The killer only got 20 years. So don't tell me that the state ROUTINELY sentences innocents to death. It doesn't even routinely sentence the guilty to death.
Mr. Boehner, let me put it simply. You are an idiot. I guarantee you that Jeb Bush will cause voters to stay home even more than Mitt Romney, and I actually respect Mitt Romney. I was VERY OFFENDED by Boehner's recent mocking of conservatives saying in a whiny elementary school voice about doing something about immigration reform is too hard. No Boehner, you idiot. We conservatives don't want to reward people whose first action in this country is to break its laws and to jump ahead in line over people who immigrated the right and legal way. In addition, Boehner's mocking was simply undignified, besides being insulting to conservatives. Boehner really showed himself to be the fool that he is.
I am with you, brother.
I hope Visa and other companies understand there are usually more than one side in matters. I can understand a business taking a particular action for business reasons. But if they think they need to cave into these Leftist terrorists (because that is really what they are, using coercion rather than persuasion to achieve their goals), they need to realize they will suffer the wrath of the other side's supporters, not just the loss of business from the NRA and its members.
I am an American of Asian ancestry who is married to an American who legally immigrated from an Asian country and I say "NO!!!!" to so-called immigration reform. Do laws matter any more in the USA? You wouldn't think so watching how Obama changes laws as he pleases, issues waivers to laws as he pleases, and enforces parts of laws as he pleases. Both the Dems and the establishment Repubs want so-called immigration reform because they have been bought off by corporatists that want cheap labor. The Dems particularly want it so the Repubs never win another national election again. Both the Dems and the Repubs are dishonest in their characterization of being against so-called immigration reform as being anti immigration. I am anti lawlessness. Being anti illegal immigration has NOTHING to do with legal immigration.
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The Inequality Bogeyman

GeoInSD Wrote: Jan 28, 2014 9:43 AM
Who is to say what is too much? What if I found a cure for cancer and the treatment is cheap and painless and it cost me 3 decades of my life and an investment of 20 billion dollars for research and development? How can you place a price tag on that? Let a free people decide how much it is worth to them. I have been involved in startups most of my career. I have found that the general public, including Leftist politicians, have no appreciation for the RISK involved in building a business. Statistically 90% of startups fail in the first year. If the potential gain is not very large, few would risk starting a business. The more the expected profit is lowered the fewer startups are made. Government should just stay out except for enforcing the law EQUALLY.
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The House GOP Sounds Retreat (Or Should.)

GeoInSD Wrote: Jan 27, 2014 10:32 AM
I agree with Mr. Hewitt on most things. However, his suggestions are merely playing defense. You cannot win anything just playing defense. The GOP needs to educate the public about how liberty as protected by the Constitution, private property rights, free markets have made the USA the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Americans haven't learned these in school for over 40 years and is why the GOP is directionless and how a president with such a lousy record could get reelected.
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