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If the GOP wins a majority in the Senate, please do not declare victory and take a nap. Tossing Harry Reid out of the senate majority leader spot is only the start. The GOP senate and House must also fulfill its role as a check and balance against the executive order happy Obama. We must hold these new senators (and the old ones too) to account. Keep the pressure up, not just in election years. The new Congress must also take positive steps towards reforming the current state of lawlessness in DC, not just block Obama's fundamental transformation of America (block that agenda is an important function, but it needs to do more to turn back the heavy hand of centralized government).
When the empirical results do not match the predictions of a hypothesis, it is very simple. Either the measurements are in error and it must be shown that they are in error, or the hypothesis is incorrect. Since the global warmers have not even suggested that the measurements are wrong, their hypothesis of global warming is wrong. It really is that simple. WSJ, there is no mystery. The hypothesis of man made global warming is incorrect.
We already know that Pres. Obama doesn't respect Mr. Netanyahu. Pres. Obama treated Mr. Netanyahu very rudely when he visited the White House. Obama and the president of France were caught on a hot microphone saying how that can't stand Mr. Netanyahu. So of course there is not going to be an investigation into who refers to Mr. Netanyahu as CS because it is probably Obama.
Don't you know? It doesn't matter what you want or need. It only matters what the collective wants or needs. It looks like you didn't get the memo of the last 6 years.
Your children don't belong to you, as Ms. Tampon Earrings on MSNBC tells us. BTW, the communists and Nazis agree.
I don't believe Obama is a Muslim or a terrorist, though I believe he has demonstrated sympathy toward Muslims and terrorists. Ex. sending condolences to the family of the Palestinian that was shot while dropping Molotov cocktails on cars. (Why would any president do such a thing?) Another: sending an envoy to thank the leadership of the mosque that taught the Oklahoma beheader. (Why in the world would any president do that?) I am convinced Obama is a Marxist. Why are some people offended by that opinion? Obama with his "spread the wealth around is good for everybody". He has been recorded saying that in college he sought out radical feminists and Marxist professors, Frank Marshall Davis was a mentor of his, Obama's father was a Marxist, Obama's mother was certainly a Leftist and probably a Marxist, Obama hired self admitted Marxist Van Jones, etc.
Conservatives are the greatest threat to Obama fundamentally transforming the nation. That is what he really means and that is correct. In fact, I would say that Conservatives are the ONLY threat.
For once Obama told the truth: his policies are on the ballot and red state Dems (and Dems in general) have almost always supported his position. I don't recall seeing the Dem members of Congress so in lock step at any other time in my lifetime, and I am 52.
I am a computer engineer and I have always been suspicious of electronic voting machines. The problem I have always had with them is that there is NO hard trail of the votes. It wouldn't be difficult to corrupt the vote and there would be no way to audit it for accuracy. It wouldn't be difficult at all to program the machines to record a vote to be something other than what the voter intended. The machine doesn't even have to indicate a different vote to the voter like these machines apparently have done.
Haven't you heard? Laws now mean whatever the politicians and judges want them to mean at any given time. For example, the ACA says subsidies are only for those signed up on state exchanges but some federal judges have ruled that state can mean federal. Justice Roberts changed penalty to a tax in order for the ACA not to be struck down. Our airstrikes in Libya were not military actions so Obama didn't need congressional approval in line with the War Powers Act. So today, what is "legal" is whatever THEY want to call legal.
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Bill's Wife is an Obama, Not a Clinton

GeoInSD Wrote: Oct 12, 2014 11:24 AM
HRC is probably even more an Alinsky radical than Obama. She knew him personally and seemed to have worshiped at his feet, possibly literally.
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