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Why Rudy and Walker Were Right

GeoInSD Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 9:58 AM
I believe Walker handled the issue well. Aside from the politics, I do believe Giuliani is right. The author described the challenge to overcome correctly: Dems have successfully created the perception that they are good hearted and the Republicans are haters of the poor and minorities (or every type). The Dems success is how Obama won reelection even though he lost the White vote by 20 points. I absolutely don't believe that Whites voted for Romney because they are racist. They voted for Romney mainly because Obama is a terrible president. Minorities voted Obama mainly because they believed at least somewhat that Republicans hate them. I am not White myself. I am informed and can see the game the Dems are playing and how incompetent the GOP has been in countering.
"If you’re taking flack, you know you’re over the target." I really like that!!! The media were afraid of Chris Christie, but in his case I think they did us a favor by taking him down.
"If you’re taking flack, you know you’re over the target." I really like that!!!
All the GOP candidates should learn what Gov Walker seems to have figured out. McCain and Romney kept getting sucked into traps or were left dumbfounded by the traps. The GOP candidate needs to keep control of the story that is being about him/her, unlike what Romney did. Despite a 20 percentage point advantage in the White vote, Romney still managed to lose the 2012 election.
As if the ones who are truly security threats would come out of the shadows to submit to background checks. The Obama administration can't possibly be that stupid. Therefore, I assert they think we the people are so stupid to buy that explanation. Unfortunately, that is the case for too many people. I really can't stand to listen to Obama or any of his spokespersons. I feel insulted each time they speak.
I can't believe the release of those plans are because of stupidity or incompetence. I believe it was deliberate. The American Tokyo Rose (there were more than one TR) would warn the Americans of upcoming Japanese attacks in her radio broadcasts so the US could prepare. I suspect the Obama administration is doing the same for ISIS. Why? I don't have an answer. But it isn't inconsistent with their past actions like warning Iran of Israeli preparations for bombing or telling ISIS what actions are off the table for us.
I doubt that Howard Dean believes the tripe he spouted. It was all about shutting down that Republican threat that is Scott Walker.
I can name a few wildly successful college dropouts off the top of my head: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell. These are billionaires, not merely millionaires, and they were transformative to the world, not merely successful career wise. Who HONESTLY thinks that Scott Walker hasn't learned more practical skills and knowledge during his time as governor than more than what 99% of people learned in college? I am a college graduate and did fairly well in school but 99% of what I use in my career I learned after college. (And my field is very technical: software engineering in data communications.) College was an important foundation but had I skipped my final year and not received that diploma, it would not have made one bit of difference in my performance in my career. Having that diploma only made the difference between an employer considering hiring me or not.
I used to believe Obama is an atheist, but after seeing the anger in his eyes during his UN speech where he said "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam", I began to question that belief.
Why don't the Republicans learn to speak English? The story of the DHS shutting down is bulls***. Those essential parts will keep running even without a deal. WHY DON"T THEY EXPLAIN THIS? During the so called gov shutdown of 2013, 87% of the gov still operated? How is that? The reason is that 87% was deemed "essential". It will be the same with DHS if it doesn't get funded. The parts important to our security will continue to operate. I just explained it clearly and correctly. What is wrong with the GOP leadership that they can't make the case? Or is it that they don't want to make the case? I.e. are they actually conspiring with the Dems to fund Obama's unconstitutional amnesty but want to appear that they resisted?
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