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Last night Oliver North made an interesting point why Obama doesn't want to be bother with getting authorization from Congress. This non-war war is so Obama doesn't need to get authorization from Congress. This insulates the Congress, of particular interest - the Dems in Congress, from the action. The Dems are afraid of alienating their base before the election.
I believe that is exactly the universe in which Obama lives. Empirical results don't matter. If the empirical results suggest they are on the wrong track, they respond that Republicans got in the way or that the socialism just wasn't implemented right or not enough money was spent.
And it isn't just this incident. It is a pattern with him.
I don't believe that is true. Wilson is touted as one of the greatest presidents by "historians" who are really just Leftist propagandists. What was Wilson's great contributions, besides making great progress in tearing down the Constitution which he openly despised?
If it were a one-time occurrence, I would say he was just misunderstood. But given his non-action and non-concern concerning the Marine held in Mexico, his shout out to Joe Medicine Crow just before he announced the first Fort Hood shooting, his matter of fact announcement of the Malaysian Airlines shootdown, and others, I really don't believe Obama has empathy. Ironic for the "man of the people" that he has always been promoted as.
IMO, McConnell would be unwise to pat himself on the back. His numbers are pretty dismal for someone in the top leadership position of his party.
The terracotta army is from the Qin Dynasty, not the Tang Dynasty.
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For Romney, Is It Third Time's The Charm?

GeoInSD Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 1:21 PM
I am confident Mr. Romney would be a far better president than Obama, and likely a better than average president, but I prefer a real conservative. Also, I doubt he can get elected. With Obama's Carter like performance in his first term, it should have been a cake wake for the Republican candidate. Mr. Romney really blew it and I don't have confidence he would not blow it again should he get another chance.
Do we need to have a law/regulation to outlaw every single error possible? How many times has this Uzi type incident happen in the total record history of human existence? Is it really necessary to regulate it? I am so sick of politicians wanting to eliminate every possible error, as if they don't make any errors. Ugggggggggh.
Oh, the days of Jim Crow and slavery. You mean those institutional racist days that were championed by DEMOCRATS?! When the DEMOCRATS fought for segregation?! When the DEMOCRATS fought for slavery?! Since when did Republicans pine for those days? They were never part of them. Those days were led by DEMOCRATS. The Republican party was an abolitionist party from the beginning. The Democrats fought to preserve slavery and segregation. I am so infuriated by how Democrats try to rewrite history. I am an American of Chinese descent. Though I am a registered Republican, I really consider myself a conservative, not really a Republican. If I ran for Congress, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner would probably rally their troops to defeat me, by dirty means if necessary like they did against Chris McDaniel. I call BS that the Democrats are looking out for the well being of Asians or anyone else. The Democrats are just a bunch of demagogues pandering for support to increase their power and pad their wallets.
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