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The Campus Crusade for Cash

Geofrank Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 8:48 AM
I have never felt that Campus Crusade For Christ was much more than opportunistic at heart. There is something so wrong in reducing the deep complexity of spiritual salvation to something so formulaic as 'three simple steps'.
Ditto and amen,however I would have said republican democracy or democratic republic instead of Democratic Republic. Those capitals for many of us seem to endorse one side of the aisle or the other; and both parties seem to be backstroking through the cesspool that Washington, DC has become. We may have arrived at a time when America is more than anything else an "idea" in the minds of men and women the world over. This is bad and good; bad for the fact that no two "ideas" will always agree but good for the fact that as long as there is one good, clean copy of the U.S. Constitution and also of the Declaration of Independence, there is the possibility that rational and responsible people will be able to formulate an "idea" that is faithful to the spirit of 1776. For this reason I do not give up hope or faith in America.
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