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Sorry Jonah, but I respectfully disagree, not only with your conclusion, but with your premise. There's no real comparison here. To link these examples gives credence to those who would blame Palin for the Arizona shootings. There is absolutely no link between those two incidents. However, there is indeed an indirect correlation between the rhetoric of Sharpton, de Blazio, Holder and Obama, and the cop killings. Enough correlation so that there is some culpability. For example, if a person hires someone to murder someone else, not only is the shooter responsible, but so is the person who hired him. Although we don't have culpability as clear as this, we do have enough inflammatory rhetoric and outright lies told by these four individuals to pin some blame. What you are doing in this editorial is to cleverly make yourself appear objective, as if you were superior to ideological leftists, but you do so at the expense of truth.
Kurt, conservatism is absolutely NOT an ideology. As Russell Kirk puts it, it's the very antithesis of ideology because there are no perfect ideas, no perfect systems and no perfect people. The moment you make conservatism an ideology, they have won the argument. You've ceded your ground. You've become utopian or, more specifically, a libertarian. We can only expect to be reasonably happy in this world. The best we can hope for in a system of government or in a good society is that it be a place where common sense and common decency prevail. Anything else is an unreasonable expectation.
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No Room on Campus for the Bigot Shakespeare

Geo2 Wrote: May 16, 2014 11:17 AM
Liberalism is a pseudo-religion, a kind of pseudo-Christianity but without Christ. Instead of original sin, we have the "sin" of being born white and European (and male). There is, however, no way to expiate this sin.
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