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The Media's Sharpton Agenda in Ferguson

genya2 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 11:54 AM
YES,send of them to CHICAGO,NEW YORK or LOS ANGELES ,murder capitol of USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blooberg lost his mind and he wants to control the world! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!
HERE WHAT I WANT TO TELL MR BLOOMBERG ,please,stop to be an advocate for something what you do not understand,Both of my parents were HOLOCAUST survivors and they used to tell us how all this were happening and i always asked them why you did not defend your self and your family and you know what my father(may he rest in peace) used to say BECAUSE WE HAD NO ARMS the government took away all. Mr Bloomberg does not leave his home without an armed guard why he is in title to protection what is so special about him and his family ,because he is so rich and can have it and us regular people have no value? Sorry my life and life of my loved one is equal to his and if i want to own arm if i want.SECOND AMENDMENT aloud everyone who wants should be able to bear arms mr.Bloomberg!
Just think who his so called advisers, Valery( the slam lord) Jarrett,Susan, the lying B Rich George, the war criminal, Soros and the list is long their is not one person around this community organizer who is a real american
No he is an vacation with all the LIBERAL RICH people , and i wish he would stay their.
People who believe in isolation did not read history,remember GERMANY and Hitler?
You make me laugh,thank you.
How about the so called adviser to Obama Valery Jarrett???????What this idiot know about politic and especially about Israel,she is an Iranian and i am sure she does not support Israel.
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