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This story will have some credibility just as soon as the superior officers mentioned have been named.
Don't just put a "superior officer" told Master Sergeant Sommers such and such. Print that superior officers's name so that we can see how anxious that superior officer is to continue persecuting Master Sergeant Sommers.
The burning question here is why is Matthews trying to hard to convince the public that he's an anal crackpot????????????????????
The logical conclusion here is that only people who want to vote more than once would object to voter ID.
How come no politician is proposing to ban the shooter rather than the weapon???
As long as DiFi's at it let her add murder, robbery, rape, bleeding heart liberals, soft-on-crime judges and voluntary stupidity to her list of what should be banned in America.
Why precisely hasn't it crossed the educated DiFi's mind to ban the shooter rather than the weapon?
I saw that interview on Hannity. The aforementioned democrat strategist did indeed have some astronomically absurd views on how to prevent rape.
Pelosi should be among the first to get the pink slip.
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