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She's the Mistress of the Libtard Plantation. Muckity-muck, indeed.
Obama hates employed people.
Can we take a page from CWSJLee and rename "abortion"? I vote for "murder of unborn baby". Dem's rallying cry: "KILL THE BABIES!" And our "fellow Americans" vote for them.
"Like leader like riff-raff."
The libtards are angry because the baby wasn't aborted.
I LOVE that picture of Sebelius! That is truly "The Face of Obamacare".
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Obama on Obamacare: This Law is Working

Geni2 Wrote: Dec 03, 2013 7:35 PM
If it's working so well, why does he (illegally & unconstitutionally) keep changing it?
"Is an “Armed Citizenry” Now Necessary?" Yes.
Did the priest & parishioners hold a service anyway? Or did they let obama stop their worship? We have got to stand up to this at EVERY turn, people!
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