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I wonder if the mosque that is right across the road from Houston's Bush Airport is as interesting to 'the powers that be' as it is to us real citizens. Six lanes and a shallow tree line between it and the runways. Yep.
You have the right per the Second Amendment. Stop asking permission.
But why doesn't it tell us what was Perry's response? I am sure it was classy. And these were 15 & 17 year old kids? What a shameful display.
Always. It's also suspicious that out of the 12 votes on that machine without Abbott's name, not one had even tried to vote for him.
Great news! But gosh dang it people! Mow your own yards and clean your own houses and stop supporting the invaders in this country. Only We can stop the one-sided parasitic relationship we have with Mexico.
Of course. Oblabla is an America-hating islamist, and has people in place to aid our enemies. Once that FACT is acknowledged, everything he has done to this country makes sense.
Ms Edson is obviously unarmed. I wonder if the local sneak-theifs noticed, too.
It does not matter what "we the STUPID people" have to say. Oblabla is BLACK, so can do anything he wants and no one will even try to stop him.
Let's see, blacks bringing ebola in; mexicants bringing ent-whatever-virus killing & paralyzing white kids. Yep, oblabla's plans are working like he wanted. He hates America.
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Appeals court reinstates Texas voter ID law

Geni2 Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 10:09 PM
I have lived in Texas my entire life, and have never known a 'minority' citizen without a driver license or ID card. Democrats think black people are stupid.
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