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Maybe they were on the same computer system as Lying Lois Lerner and her ilk.
Hey oblabla - that is EXACTLY how I feel about the illegal mexicant invaders.
Sounds like another case of letting foreigners impose their immorality on USA policies.
No one in the media - including "conservative" media - will admit that this IS his plan. Obama IS an America-hating Islamist and wants his isis buddies to have victory. And look at the absolute adoration on that black guy's face in the picture while gazing at this clown. Scary. Time to re-think the whole 'anti-Christ' thing.
He can lead by example by not hiring armed security to protect his "sweet, smart nine year old daughter".
Great. Obama has equipped his islo-tards with even more of our tax-paid equipment. And I'll bet the computers were all 'accidently' left booted up to top-secret info as well.
Not so quiet - I had a robo-call asking me to house an illegal invader for the school year. These kids need to be taught that the dem-tards ripped them from their mothers and homeland, sending them to where they are not wanted - even if through not fault of their own.
This just shows who the leftists are afraid of. Wonder how many juries they shopped for this one.
I was wondering who is the toddler in the picture on the shirt.
Best way to deal with these illegal invaders: S. S. S. Too bad we have no men left in this country.
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