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This just shows who the leftists are afraid of. Wonder how many juries they shopped for this one.
I was wondering who is the toddler in the picture on the shirt.
Best way to deal with these illegal invaders: S. S. S. Too bad we have no men left in this country.
I no longer give to any charities that give anything to the entitled illegal foreign invaders. I cannot stop 'the government' from redistributing my income, but I will burn anything else before I let these entitled leeches have it.
Oblabla has already shredded the constitution, so they know they can change it, or do anything else they want to, so no need to read it. There are no patriots left in this country to stop them - at least none in any position to stop them. WE would, but our elected rinos are simply useless on all fronts. I am sickened and angry at the blatant spitting in America's face.
Why wouldn't they lie like the liars they are? They know they can get away with anything - after all, Oblabla is BLACK, so the cowards of this country will never stand up to him.
The truly disturbing part about this story is that there was not even ONE MAN in the crowd to impale that ^!*#% on his own flag pole. We are a nation of flamers, illegals, and pajama boys. I weep for my lost country.
We WERE a "nation of immigrants". NOW we are a "nation of illegal aliens usurping all of the natural citizens rights and resources".
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A New Evangelizing Foreign Policy

Geni2 Wrote: Jul 04, 2014 8:58 AM
A friend's brother dresses like a frilly-girl - he clearly is not one. He is an over-the-top gender-pretender. And yet, the entire family enables this mental illness. It really confuses some of the younger kids, and I worry about their little minds being warped by this deviant reality being taught them.
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