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Anti-Gun Advocates Heckle Woman Wanting to Defend Her Children During Gun Violence Hearing

Geni2 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 6:14 AM
Let's see, this bunch of weirdos (1) wants to limit how well we can protect our children, and (2) wants to kill the unborn on whim & demand. Why do the liberals hate children so badly???
KickALibturdHard Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 6:32 AM
They are throwing a fit about 20 children, but approve of the killing of over 4,000 a day in abortions. But remember its all about the kids. Liberals are disgusting hypocrites, that have their heads so far up the *** they carve out their own belly buttons to get fresh air. How about this, we end abortions, put armed security in our schools, round up all Libturds and ship them off to England where they can be with like minded jack***es like themselves. Like the great MLK said "I HAVE A DREAM"

CAPITOL HILL -- During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday on Capitol Hill about how to prevent gun violence, Senior Fellow of the Independent Women’s Forum Gayle Trotter was loudly heckled by anti-gun advocates in the crowd after she suggested women need firearms to protect young children in their homes.

"An assault weapon in the hands of a young woman defending her babies at her home becomes a defense weapon,” Trotter said as jeers erupted. “Guns are the great equalizer during a violent confrontation.”

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse attempted to lecture Trotter about the type...