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My take on it is there are more people than he's aware of that don't trust government and yes, he's going to have some major problems mostly due to his arrogance. Don't need a brain surgeon to figure out that one. I suppose that's why he's becoming so paranoid.
They live in a bubble. Proof that It's just too hard to think for oneself these days.
because they were stupid.
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ObamaCare Tax Causes Additional Layoffs

Gene2413 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 8:53 AM
October 1st 2013, I'm telling my employees well ahead of time that effective October 1st, I'm dropping their health insurance coverage and that they can now buy their coverage through on of the exchanges. They'll all get their tax credits, have a plan that covers less, won't get to keep their doctors, pay $20,000 for what they now get for $5,000, and wind up paying more than they would have under our company provided insurance. They all voted for him so they can now stop their whining and enjoy fruits of their vote. It's necessary for survival for my company. The alternative is we go out of business, they lose their jobs, nobody wins. This big government thing is going to cost all of us big time. Time to protect my family now.
Then we will have to pick a few banks and move all of our business to them. I'm growing weary of all this class warfare, socialist Shitakee from the left. It's my country too and I'm not going to take their BS anymore. If fact, I refuse to have my business do any business with liberals. Even my employees understand my position and its ramifications. Time to turn the tide on the turncoats.
Loiseo you are so correct, government doesn't create jobs. However, that being said I can think of three things he can do so WE can create jobs. 1. Get the government off my back and allow me to expand my business without crushing taxes and the in your face of obama care legislation. 2. Open up oil exploration, fracking, and shale oil production INSIDE the U.S. 3. Fix the tax code and allow us to keep more of our money so we can spend it as we see fit. Don't confiscate it through tax policy to fund socialist programs of wealth redistribution. No one wins here. There's three policy changes to PROMOTE job creation. That's his job. That's what he should do.
Well when that day comes you'll have civil war. And that's what our fearless leader wants anyway. When it happens he'll go hide in his bunker like Hitler. Then let the chips fall where they may.
Of course he won't comment on the amount. This will all fall apart and collapse on us in an instant before we know it. We will need to defend ourselves when government collapses and our fearless leaders head for the high hills with their armed guards to cower in their shelters. We will then need the semi-auto rifles for our survival. The ones they want to take away from us. Plain as day to see. History will repeat itself. It always does.
They can't at my company. Oh that's right, I own the company and select only people that work hard. Leaves most whiners out. And if they slip by interview process, they are usually gone in a year. They don't do well when they have to produce.
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