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Thumbs up to McGovern. I've never understood why blacks and Jews deny conservatives in their caucuses. Of all the folks in our country, one would think minorities would support the party which is more likely to deliver liberty and freedom from prejudices. But they don't. Why not?
Like you, when gubmit gets involved I usually put up my dukes and look for problems. But every once in awhile ... and I think this may be the exception. One farmer couldn't make a dent. Other crops are supported, sometimes absurdly, but this looks like the rare good "investment" of our tax dollars.
Whatever the Fair Tax may be, it is not limited to 150 pages. Beginning with pre-enactment, there would be (unfortunately but necessarily) thousands of exceptions and deletions and provisions atop regulations. I could list a few hundred here if anyone gave a hang, but I tell you Adler should be praised for not jumping on this Pollyanna bandwagon. As to our present mess, most of really complicated, messy parts are, and I know most won't agree, necessary in the interest of fairness and common sense.
Surely we have learned from the past. No comments about the Senator, but let's not push our luck against prior lessons (hopefully) learned.
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WATCH: George W. Bush Thanks Our Veterans

Gene378 Wrote: Nov 11, 2013 6:01 PM
You should be sued for that remark. If there were even a tiny shred of evidence the war was engaged in order to make G.W. or anyone in his administration richer (including Cheney,) the media would have caught and called attention to it. Shame on you lois. I hope in your lifetime nobody takes pot shots at you when you don't deserve them.
I agree our system of taxation has a great deal of room for improvement. And one change, in my opinion, would require everyone to be taxed, maybe at only 5%, but taxed. But the sales tax is a terrible idea. It is not, as advertised, simple, but quite complicated as to who is subject (gonna tax hospitals, lawyers, accountants, municipalities, churches, grocers, etc.?) and finding a way to eliminate at least part of the regressive nature. I know we all pay too much income tax, but there is a huge gap between the rich and poor in the U.S. and a sales tax would only add to that.
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