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What Ever Happened to Fairness?

Gene276 Wrote: May 25, 2013 1:15 PM
Did you have to bring that word up? It has been lost for some time, big O could not get through any speech without using that ugly word. Take from A and give it to B through Z is fair in his deluded mind. A is about to run out, so what will B through Z do?

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, was placed before a Kangaroo Court (AKA: a Senate hearing) to explain his company’s practice of “tax avoidance.” It was somewhat strange timing, given the IRS’s current scandal of inappropriately flexing their muscle at conservative oriented non-profits. Nonetheless, John McCain and a number of other senators attempted to shame Apple into admitting there is something wrong in minimizing a businesses’ tax burden.

As if maximizing profits (which benefit employees, shareholders and consumers) is a bad thing, the hearing attempted to demonize Apple for utilizing the very loopholes that McCain and company put in the 74,000...