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The Comfort of Welfare

Gene276 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 2:05 PM
It makes the libs throw out their chest and say,"Look what we are doing for society and the poor" Nothing but setting the trap for thousands who have been on the dole generation after generation. A destroyer of pride, accomplishments,encourages laziness, destroys the will to do and builds hatred.A disease killing the America pride all citizen should possess.
This week Japan announced its intention to cut welfare payments by a billion dollars over the next three years because people live too comfortably.

Imagine that, a government would actually tell its citizens you are getting fat and lazy and have no incentive to work because someone else pays your bills. We just found out you can't get government work by telling citizens they're takers. But after its economy derailed, Japan slipped into a two-decade slumber marked by people giving up on old beliefs and traditions like Japan's legendary work ethic. When we thought Japan would conquer the world, including the...
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