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Prosecution of Gun Owner Is another Reason to Despise Illinois

Gene276 Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 3:18 PM
Shot much too low. The law and order of America has got to swing to the side of the offended or we are doomed. Can you imagine any questions arising when a man's home or property in the target of outlaw or otherwise? Where was Sharpton and Jackson on this case? I bet I know why.Every intruder should meet his demise the minute he sticks his nose out.Thanks.

Illinois is a hopeless state, filled with greedy bureaucrats and senseless politicians. Not surprisingly, it’s also a state that prosecutes people who try to protect themselves from criminals.

Here’s part of a story from the Chicago Tribune, featuring an elderly army veteran who was arrested for shooting a burglar.

An 80-year-old tavern owner in Englewood believes it’s “unjust” that he is facing charges after shooting a burglar, but believes he will prevail in court. “It’s wrong,” Homer “Tank” Wright said as he walked into his bar after being...

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