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How Government Handouts Create Life-Sapping Dependency

Gene276 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 7:24 PM
I taught school on the secondary level and I would ask what their life ambition was "I'm going draw. " and this was a third generation drawer of Uncle Sams and the workers of America.The system is operated on the blind, just say you are crazy and and get enrolled in SSI. The students teased each other for getting a crazy check. Yes,it is as bad in America Miss Murphy, as we hear each day from the news about culture decline. No God, No plan to advance, no will to do except tattoo and drug it up.

Remember Julia, the mythical moocher created by the Obama campaign to show the joys of government dependency? As illustrated by this Ramirez cartoon, Julia symbolizes the entitlement mentality.

Unfortunately, there are many real-life Julias.

I wrote a couple of years ago about Olga, a Greek woman who petulantly believed that government was responsible for her empty life.

But we don’t know any details about Olga other than her desire to mooch, so the best...