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Do you really believe the Demo Senators believe in all of this that is going on? They go with him out of loyalty to the Demo party or a payoff of some nature. When the comedians go after him things are dire. America must wake up soon before we are pushed over the clift, (ala the old grandmother). Libs, eat other up as long as there is one left.
Is this a surprise? Obama said he was going to change America and he is using every resource at his disposal. This an outright assault against those of a different persuasion. Drones may pick you out do away with you and those like ilk. It looks as if the militia must form and storm on Washington. No one will know who gave that order, wait and see.
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What Ever Happened to Fairness?

Gene276 Wrote: May 25, 2013 1:15 PM
Did you have to bring that word up? It has been lost for some time, big O could not get through any speech without using that ugly word. Take from A and give it to B through Z is fair in his deluded mind. A is about to run out, so what will B through Z do?
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The President's Morehouse Address

Gene276 Wrote: May 25, 2013 1:02 PM
Wonder why he does not apply these values for all Americans? A deceiver is known by his actions and not his vacuum words. If we can stay aright for his term,maybe someone will arrive and return Uncle Sam to it's rightful roots. Do you think his children are catching his truthful nature. I fail to see the transparency from this imposter on any issue.
What!!!!!!! He is right because there are members of our lofty government who do not pay their taxes. Turn the IRS on them and then laugh. They advertise on TV, if you owe more than $10000 we can get you free from the IRS. Harry needs mind treatment to reprogram him. Do Muslims pay taxes? Did the IRS visit their camps? Yell about them for an attention getter. We really need to know about them.
Going after a Christian family, afraid it will make Germany angry. Passing on 30 million lawbreakers crossing the border. It might make the mother countries angry if you shipped their a@@es back across that border. Can you believe Uncle Sam supports lawbreakers? God forgive us.
A wonderful list, but there are many more. Every move He make tells us of His disdain for America and the values which made us great. The one, I feel is America. He is just following the hate taught to Him abroad. Has He bitten the Hand that feeds Him? His spanking would be impeachment and re movement from His playground.
Can you believe 47% of the population really follow all the acts of this administration as truth or just follow party lines? A politician never tells a lie, only a twist of the truth to satisfy their ego and position. I must protect my skin and those who are in my camp. Big O and H surely would not lie to America, the land who worships their every move.
If a politician on the right, middle or left tells a lie, is it a lie?
Has that group cleaned up their state yet? Maybe they should stay home and take care of business there? A sign does not talk trying to change your mind between atheism and Christianity. I bet 10% of the students have never stopped to read it because they are well grounded in their beliefs already. The atheist needs to ponder those words and follow as such.
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