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Where Is John Galt?

Gene227 Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 2:59 PM
Sometimes truth is disguised as fiction. Gene Rodenberry disguised social commentary in the 60's as sicence fiction. I believe you may have heard of it waas called Star Trek. And because of this fictional world existing other people were inspired to do great things. Fiction sometimes exists to show us something we missed and has been around forever. Aesop's fables is another example that springs to mind.

Where is a man who can save us? A man of virtue and action who can rebuild our economy and culture? We must find a true-to-life John Galt.

I think America’s best shot at economic recovery and restoring constitutional freedom is to nurture men and women who emulate the virtues of John Galt, a hero in Ayn Rand’s magnum opus novel, Atlas Shrugged. Galt is a man of unparalleled virtue, intelligence and action in a fictional U.S. economy that is eerily identical to the present-day U.S. economy.

Galt is an American inventor who lives and breathes his philosophy: “I swear—by my...