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Actually, U.S. Military Still Uses Lots of Horses and Bayonets

Gene227 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 1:01 PM
It doesn’t matter what technological advances you have, you still need troops to hold the ground. You need the guns, bayonets, missiles, planes, tanks and ships to show strength, it comes down to a question of would you really want to attack a large well organized, highly trained force that is armed with every conceivable weapon that would give them an advantage against you? Power perceived is power achieved.

Last night during the final presidential debate of 2012, President Obama said we have "fewer horses and bayonets" during an exchange with Governor Mitt Romney. The comments were condescending, belittling and Obama implied the use of bayonets and horses was obsolete. This is not the case. Yes, Obama said "fewer" rather than "not at all," but let's take a look at how the military uses horses and bayonets today.

First, the Marines. The Marines have an entire page on their website dedicated to the bayonet, which is used in...