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Obama’s Cool Wars Sponsored by Peaceniks and Social Justice Puppeteers

Gene158 Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 4:18 PM
The folks that support obama can be described by the following: The loudmouth in the bar. The one that everyone wants to take out back and teach a lesson, but they have too much going for them, ignore them or underestimate them, until they're face to face with said, loudmouth. At some point, someone steps up and quiets the loudmouth and that is the last that anyone every hears from THAT particular loudmouth. Unfortunately, they're like weeds and another one always seems to pop up.

Attention peaceniks, social justice puppeteers, Occupy Wall Streeters and other hypocrites on the Left who cried for peace, peace under Bush: After three and a half years, there is no peace.

Your support of Obama has gotten you only war.

And you can imagine that another Obama term might mark the end of war; but I can tell you that it is just the beginning of the reckoning.

At home, expect the “Obama Cool” civil war that pits women against men, industry against workers and denies the dignity of life, labor and the pursuit property to continue. Those...

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