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Cartels Fire on Border Patrol in Texas

Gene158 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 3:28 PM
The next time that happens, the Border Patrol, supported by the Texas National Guard should open up with some Ma-Dueces, MiniGuns and Mark 19s. They won't be getting shot at much longer.
Agree totally. If their primary role is to go after dirty gun dealers and corrupt gun stores, why are they going after dope? Because there aren't that many dirty gun dealers or corrupt gun stores. I'd say that over 98% of them are legit, law abiding citizens that would never do anything dirty. But, you have to produce something. So, if you can't lock up a dirty gun dealer, go after the guys you think have guns, drug dealers. It's not about the quality of a case, its about the quantity of cases.
its become very US vs THEM, for sure. And, in order to justify all the gear, money, grants, toys, gadgets, they have to produce. Whether its a small town SWAT team getting an MRAP, for no reason other than it looks cool and its free, to the ATF having to chase dope boys. There has to be some sort of justification for the money spent and something tangible(i.e. arrests, seizures, etc) that can be pointed to. So the ATF going after drugs is easier than them trying to catch a dirty FFL dealer. No one looks at the actual arrest, they just know that someone went to jail. The system has been so corrupted and bloated, its scary.
Dumber than a box of rocks, just like Clinton. I'm sure she'll do great in the debates. Amazing how the so-called "educated" folks of Massachusetts can elect a total buffoon like Warren. But, when you think about it, Mass is one of the most segregated places, especially the Boston/Eastern Mass area, I've ever been that is also touted as a liberal utopia.
If I remember correctly, a final analysis showed that Franken won via quite a bit of fraud. With lots of ineligible(ex cons, etc) voting for him. And that many thought that his opponent threw in the towel too early.
Bureau of... A….Alcohol T….Tobacco F….Firearms E….Explosives Not seeing where drugs/narcotics are in their mandate. Its like the FBI having a fugitive unit, even though the US Marshals are the ones responsible for that. Lots of redundancy in federal law enforcement. They'll tell you that drugs and guns go hand in hand. And they're right for the most part. However, most of the dope boys know that if they're caught with dope and a gun, the penalties can be/are more severe. Problem is, their job is to go after ILLEGAL guns/gun trafficking. That isn't easy. Most people that hold FFLs adhere to the law, as they are law abiding citizens. Contrary to how they are portrayed routinely by the left. I've worked with the ATF quite a few times. Never met one agent that wasn't about doing their job. However, this is more about them being told by their chain of command to justify their jobs, more than doing their jobs. They have to put an a$$ in jail. They might get a guy that sells them stolen pistols. Rarely are they going to get an arms dealer selling crates of AK47s. While their mandate is worthy, there just isn't enough of it to justify the amount of money spent on it, so they have to come up with ways to justify those six figure paychecks.
That is one thing I don't understand. While having her hard drive would be great, what about all the people she sent emails to? All they have to do is go into Outlook or whatever other email server is used and pull the info from there. From there, you'll see who was on the distribution lists, etc and then go and get those computers.
Manchin is such a buffoon. Everything he says and does is pandering to some constituency somewhere back in WVa. As I've paid more attention to these clowns that occupy both houses of Congress, I realize that instead of having the best and brightest, we have the dumbest and most power hungry. You cannot be a Pro Life Democrat. You cannot be a ProGun Democrat. The list could go on, for both sides. But at this point in our country's history, its one or the other.
He should just run as an independent, if he can. Apparently, the results show that he would have won handily, if not for the dems that crossed over.
What kind of jobs? Every time they come up with these stories, we find out later that most of the work is part time, low wage type stuff. You know, the kind of jobs Americans won't do. Oh yeah I forgot, all the jobs went to immigrants….
Who are the agents? What company do they work for? Here's a link to what I assume is the company website: I don't see anything like DynCorp, Blackwater or TC. And I used to work for BW and TC. I'm very curious as to who made the threats. Without knowing that, while I don't find it too far fetched that they want all of this a secret, more info is needed. However, with this information, it is unconscionable that the president is pushing this knowing that these disease ridden people are coming into our country and eventually disappearing into the populace to infect more. That, to me, would give us grounds to sue him the same way that moron boehner is trying to. The president is knowingly subjecting the citizens to health hazards.
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