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The proliferation of HMOs, etc, brought on by the Clintons and their desire for single payer, have forced us into the situation that we're in now. Amazing how so many of our countries problems can be traced back to a handful of elite $h!tbags and their cronies. But, sometimes, simple problems, deserve simple solutions.
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The Path to a Permanent GOP Majority

Gene158 Wrote: Nov 25, 2014 6:03 PM
Love him or hate him, Limbaugh said it best.... Send bill after bill up to obama. Attached to each, a press release and the data showing support for each and everyone of them. Will this stop obama from giving the taxpayer the finger? Nope. But, it'll force him to have to go in front of the cameras every time and at least, try to explain why he could care less about all of us.
These people, and the Clintons are among the worst, are so effin' arrogant. They think that everyone is beneath them. I can only imagine what it must be like being in a room full of them, talking behind each others backs, having no respect for anyone. As scary as I think it would be, I would love to know the story how two hillbilly's from Arkansas got to be where they are today.
I can only imagine the $h!t sandwich this man was forced to eat for two years.
But they still re-elected Boehner. And for that, the people that voted for him, SUCK!!!!
70%....With numbers like that, it would be nice to get rid of the 17th amendment, immediately.
This would be so easy to get rid of, or at least clarify the law. Have Boehner offer and amendment to the law Law passes the HoR Boehner then goes on national tv to describe what it going on and who the HoR has taken action to remedy the problem and protect small business owners. Boehner in same news conference then states that he see's no problem with the bill passing the Senate, because after all, they're about helping the little guy too. Boehner in same news conference says that he can't wait to be there when the president signs the bill, so bi-partisanship works and they're looking out for the little guy. And also, make the law retroactive. Will that EVER happen........NNNNOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
So, she's gonna hit him on scandals and integrity. He said that he would eliminate the budget deficit. He put more money in the pockets of Wisconsin citizens. His scandals have proven to be a witch hunt by a dem throwing a temper tantrum. The teachers unions, no longer allowed to extort money from teachers, is fading away. Yeah, Wisconsin, he's doing a horrible job.
Actually, there have been quite a few alternatives. However, your daddy, Harry Reid wouldn't bring any of them to vote in the Senate.
And a previous article shows her up by 3%. People in NC can't be this friggin' stupid, can they?
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