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This man has made such a mockery of this country, his position, the government, everything he touches. On an hourly basis, redefines the word, moron.
ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE It preaches hate, honor killings, executions, pedophilia, extortion, etc, etc, etc. You know, all the good stuff in life. How are people like him voted into office, let alone stay in office. Islam is a cancer. Nothing more. Nothing less.
I live in Atlanta, known affectionately as the Dirty South. I was told that Charlotte is/was known as the New South. However, from what I've seen, the illegal immigrant population in NC is staggering, as it is everywhere else, IMHO. My question, are the schools that bad because of the elephant in the room, the illegals, have pulled down/overloaded the system that much? At the end of the day, the whole education system has become a toilet bowl. Revisionist history being taught. Moronic methods of math. The whole thing, like every aspect of modern government, is extortion. The government taking our money to give to their cronies and lobbyists. While I don't live in NC, I think I'd still rather have Republican Lite, in Tillis, than Hardcore Liberal, in Hagan. They both suck, but our country has become one where it always seems to be the lesser of two really crappy evils.
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Poll: Cotton: 43; Pryor: 38

Gene158 Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 11:10 PM
You may be 100% correct, but with all that is going on in this country, some of these races should be blowouts.
If what they're saying about hitting Tillis on the education stuff is true, it just goes to show the world who truly effin' stupid the people of NC are. I'm not talking to/about the people of NC that support Tilis, Conservatives or the Republican party. I'm talking about those independents and women that are leaning toward Hagan. THE ENTIRE EDUCATION SYSTEM IN THIS COUNTRY HAS BEEN DESTROYED BY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, UNIONS, AND THEIR COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, LIBERAL, ETC ETC ETC SUPPORTERS. ARE YOU TOOO EFFIN' STUPID TO REALIZE THAT???
2nd Amendment, blind and stupid…Hmmmmm!!! Isn't this coming from the guy that was kicked out of Iraq for having a POW, personally owned weapon, in his possession? I'm thinking that a guy surrounded by a platoon or company of infantry would be pretty safe, but not this clown.
Activist judges are just as, if not more, guilty of leading this country on the path to destruction. I just wish that, once and for all, judges would defer to the 10th Amendment and allow the peoples voices to be heard and stand.
This president lives in a fantasy land. As sick as it would make me, I'd love to be in one of his closed door meetings. I can imagine that he's in the corner playing Tetris on a Nintendo Gameboy, while a bunch of American hating people in his admin are plotting to ruin America. And then he goes in front of the cameras and makes a fool out of himself yet again.
This man doesn't have the class of a flea. But I wonder, is it just because he is so utterly stupid, selfish and uncaring? Or is has he surrounded himself with people, his puppet masters, that enjoy seeing screw up time and time again? You would think that there would be one person that pull him into the corner and give him at least, a little bit of advice so he doesn't look like a moron, every single day.
And Hagel, you're just the man to handle the job. WTF-EVER!!!! Someone resurrect Black Jack Pershing and have him handle this situation.
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