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What kind of jobs? Every time they come up with these stories, we find out later that most of the work is part time, low wage type stuff. You know, the kind of jobs Americans won't do. Oh yeah I forgot, all the jobs went to immigrants…. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/381362/study-all-employment-growth-2000-went-immigrants-nro-staff
Who are the agents? What company do they work for? Here's a link to what I assume is the company website: http://www.baptistfamily.org I don't see anything like DynCorp, Blackwater or TC. And I used to work for BW and TC. I'm very curious as to who made the threats. Without knowing that, while I don't find it too far fetched that they want all of this a secret, more info is needed. However, with this information, it is unconscionable that the president is pushing this knowing that these disease ridden people are coming into our country and eventually disappearing into the populace to infect more. That, to me, would give us grounds to sue him the same way that moron boehner is trying to. The president is knowingly subjecting the citizens to health hazards.
Well, with all the illegal immigrants that are flooding the border, the crime rate in this country isn't going to stay down too much longer. It's not like any of them are going to become productive members of society any time soon. When they can't find work, etc, they'll resort to what they know best.
My bad!!!
Why can't we just follow what they did in Galveston, Texas and opt out? Or how about what they do in Chile, which has been written about extensively.
I would think, that someone that knows how to set up some type of fundraising apparatus could raise much more than 1 million. Once that badboy got up to say, 5 or 10 million, no questions asked, people would be hacking into every damn government server imaginably looking for that stuff.
Problem is, he's going to continue to keep doing what he has been doing, because he know he can't be stopped.
Thats one of the many things that kill me about liberals/progressive and their never ending love for all things muslim, like pretty much every employee of the US State Dept. Muslims use these clowns over and over to achieve their goals. Once they're not needed, their heads will be chopped off like everyone else.
How in the world do the people of Nevada elect this moron. You have got to be kidding me.
Just saw a headline on Drudge, that the IRS commissioner doesn't feel like he should apologize for anything. Like everyone else in DC, he knows that no matter how bad this may get, nothing will happen to him. He'll file his retirement paperwork and then tell all his buddies how he got away with it. If he and the rest had to worry about prison, at the least, if not the gallows, those emails would be delivered in triplicate.
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