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I don't live in Florida, but I'd love to see her run. She's so damn dumb it would be funny to see and listen to her in debates, especially if she's running against someone decent.
Prolonging it for two more years, so he can pass the buck to someone else because he too effin' stupid and sympathetic to the ISIS cause to do anything about it. Then, he'll second guess every decision that is made by the next president, saying that he could have done it better. Worst of all, people will still believe him.
A while back, I heard an interview where two guys were discussing surveys and polls. One guy showed, brilliantly, how just by wording the questions a certain way, he could manipulate anyone to pretty much agree to anything he said. I want to say they were British, but not 100%. Wondering if anyone knows what I'm talking about.
Who in the heck do they talk to when they do these polls? The EPA is pretty much the sole reason that utility rates have gone up. They're forcing power plants to shut down with no alternatives, al while trying to push green energy, which doesn't work. I wonder how many of the 52% of respondents actually use the VA? Have these people not heard of that scandal plagued agency that has yet to hold anyone accountable for its failures. And who in their right mind would have anything positive to say about the IRS?
One day, when no one is listening or no one cares anymore, we're going to find out that the NKoreans had absolutely nothing to do with that computer hack. Folks didn't want anyone to see what was in those emails. They didn't want anyone to see how all those self appointed elites in Hollywood feel about each other. They didn't want anyone to find out what a bunch of effin' hypocrites they really are and their true feelings toward people, especially the clown in the WH.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ROFLMAO Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ROFLMAOHa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ROFLMAO Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ROFLMAOHa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ROFLMAO Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ROFLMAOHa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ROFLMAO Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ROFLMAO That's what you get when you let these savages into your country. And Germany's elites say that their citizens who are PEACEFULLY marching against the islamic invasion and showing pride in their country are the extremists. Sad thing is, it's coming here. We've have Ft Hood and a few other incidents, some that have been botched by the bad guy, thank the Lord. But it's only a matter of time. Only a matter of time before they up the ante. One just has to read Teeth of the Tiger, by Clancy.
A law like the one they passed in Washington is a no-brainer. Most of the people live on the coast, thus they have the voting power and they make the rules for everyone else. And surprise, they're all liberals and that's an understatement. This is no different than many other 'Blue States', where the majority of the people live in the uber-liberal cities and they make the rules for the rest of the state( Maryland, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc etc etc). Hell, even NY is like that.
Well said. Very well said. The man could have been a hero had he told the truth about Benghazi. Seems he forgot that his real boss, the American people, were the ones he swore to protect. Instead, he got on his knees and bowed to obama. He just has to look in the mirror to see who to blame.
Not only does obama enjoy weakening this country he also enjoys making it look foolish.
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Unwrapping the $1.1 Trillion Budget

Gene158 Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 8:50 AM
It would be rather simple to prevent the wealth from 'fly over' country from going to DC. Don't send them the revenue. Keep it. Unite and see what happens. Is the ruling class going to activate the 82nd Airborne Div to come collect? Are they gonna send in DHS, FBI, IRS, etc? Let 'em try. Sheriffs are the highest ranking law enforcement in any county in the country. Let them come and try to take it. No matter your feelings on what happened at the Bundy ranch, if the local sheriff had taken a stand, none of the federal guys would have been there. He could have shooed them off. It's happened before. In New Mexico. The sheriff ran off some federal agents. They weren't FBI, but they left. When you think about it, there are only a few thousand DEA agents. It's not like they have an army. Most federal LE rely very heavily on local and state support. Pull all that support and they're dead in the water. It's just a matter of taking a stand and forcing a very public conversation, which is exactly what the ruling class doesn't want. Which is also why this whole budget deal was done in the back room.
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