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What Schumer Wants to Embrace

geezer117 Wrote: Dec 06, 2014 8:55 AM
I consider the last six years of Bill Clinton a success of government, an example of what can be done when both parties have their oars in the water. But mistakes still were made. Banking deregulation, in particular allowing commercial banks to act as investment banks, made the mortgage crisis far worse than it otherwise would have been. That needs to be pealed. And the Republican version of government is no panacea. They had control of all government for six years under Bush and did not do squat to fix those parts of our health care system that cried out for reform. Avoiding government where government is sorely needed is also wrong.
There's a difference between taking in enough breathe to gasp out a few words, and taking in enough breath to sustain life. He was no danger to anyone, he was handcuffed, his words should have been taken seriously. He should have been allowed to sit up.
The charge should be involuntary manslaughter. The man died at the hands of the officer, and there were no extenuating circumstances.
All the people of Ferguson who were employed by those burned businesses are now without jobs. Clearly, it's all Bush's fault!
Well, those rioters certainly convinced me of the justice of their complaints.
The best time would have been 3:00 a.m.
She did advocate segregation, birth control and sterilization in order to purify the race, meaning the white race, from the genetic pollution of the nonwhite races and the unfit. She advocated limiting the number of children allowed to each family to two, by government permit. She did write, “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” She was an influential advocate of eugenics.
It’s easier to understand what Obama is doing about immigration if you understand his motivations. First, Bush 43 had enough votes to get his amnesty passed, with the help of Ted Kennedy and a group of Democrats. Obama was in the group of Democrats who went to the White House to pledge support. So how did Bush’s bill fail? Organized labor was opposed to amnesty; they had Sen. Dorgan advance a poison pill amendment that weakened key provisions of the bill and reduced Bush’s coalition. The amendment passed by only one vote, dooming amnesty. Who passed that one vote? Sen. Barack Obama. Why did he betray Ted Kennedy and the illegal immigrants? He traded his key vote for labor’s support in Obama’s presidential bid, which they did to the tune of $400 million. Obama has only one principle: do what is best for Obama. Second, Why did Obama not pass immigration reform during the two years he had complete control of government? Because that would have created an amnesty law, which labor and blacks did not want. That would have threatened Obama’s reelection. Obama only does what is best for Obama. Third, Why did Obama not wait for the new Congress to be sworn in next January, and use his threat of Executive Action to force Congress to pass immigration reform? Because that would have given illegal immigrants the protection of the law and given some of the credit to Republicans. If those protections are written into the law, illegals would be less dependent on Obama’s good will to protect them. Moreover, this way Obama placates labor because amnesty is not in the law, and Obama or the next president can at any time rescind what Obama has just done. And Obama has so angered Republicans that it is unlikely that a reform bill will pass anytime soon. Labor and blacks get half a loaf, and Obama gets all the credit. Fourth, why did Obama take this action while the borders are porous and little defended? Because there will be a resurgence of illegal crossings for the next two years, as new illegals come for their piece of the pie, and Obama will hand a crisis to the next president. And we know low information Americans always blame the man in charge at the moment the crisis hits, not the man who created the dynamics that caused the crisis. Bush got blamed for the financial meltdown while Clinton skated free; same thing. Obama is extremely clever, and Obama only does what is best for Obama. Remember that, and don’t advocate hysterical responses like impeachment that wil
Um, it has now been verified that Reid never actually sent that bill to the House. It's still on his desk. They did not want to see the House pass a Republican version, which Democrats would have to deal with in conference. What Democrat wanted to go on the record as opposing securing the border first?
This lie-till-we-get-what-we-want tactic is not limited to healthcare. They've been doing it for years with the Global Warming scam to "transform" our energy system. That one will be far more damaging than a ruined healthcare system. And they've accomplished their goals with education, which is now vastly more expensive and lower quality, but funnels money into the teachers' unions who support Democrats.
My daughter's premium more than doubled this year, for the same bare-bones coverage. Democrats have ruined our nation's health care system, and it will not recover. Soon the number of doctors will start to decline.
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