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"I don't see anywhere anyone saying the US is a piece of anything. That is the feeling you get from these pieces of reporting/opinion, but the new standards generally just echo the most recent scholarship in US history." You are not very astute. The left does not falsify scholarship; they simply do not include scholarship that contradicts their preferred narrative. When students do not encounter the praiseworthy aspects of the US and the Founders, but only the questionable and pejorative aspects, then only those aspects form their opinions. It is the same way the MSM expresses their liberal bias; they simply play down or do not present stories that hold Democrats in a bad light, while they endlessly hammer stories against Republicans. How many people are convinced that Republicans and Conservatives hate women, blacks, Hispanics, gays, poor people etc. etc. etc.? Sadly, you probably believe all that to be true, but at least ask yourself if that really makes sense, or perhaps it is all you hear.
Are you for real? Gerald Ford was one of our most athletic presidents, especially for his age. SNL and Chevy Chase deliberately portrayed him as a clumsy bumpkin to affect the coming election. The three networks participated by playing video of Ford stumbling at every nightly newscast, as if no one else stumbles. The fact you consider him "clumsy" indicates how gullible and uninformed you are. I suppose you also believe Palin said "I can see Russia from my house".
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Obama Satire? Still Objectionable

geezer117 Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 10:05 AM
I posted two comments to that Hollywood Reporter SNL site. Both were short, civil, no bad words. One was that SNL treatment of Republicans was not parody but malign; the other that Fey's treatment of Palin was vicious. Hollywood Report censored both. I posted that they had removed both my posts, and they censored that post. Typical Liberals.
Criminal investigation? That means the case will be thrown out if the proper Miranda rights aren't delivered. And all the evidence must have the proper chain of custody records. And all the evidence must pass the "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit" standard of idiocy. What a POS is Holder.
Why would anyone willing want to live in Chicago slums, for instance, and risk random gunshot and corner drug deals?
Chapman asks only questions that he can answer in support of his thesis. Here's one he skipped: "How does being one of many children of an unmarried mother with no father in the home affect a child's prospects?" Or: "Who is to blame for fatherless families?" Democrats opposed charter schools, magnet schools and school vouchers, which have a strong track record of improving black education, something Chapman ought to support. There also is strong evidence that rising minimum wages (which Democrats always support) interferes with teens getting their first job and learning the ropes of employment. Trade unions do not offer blacks equal opportunity; the history of union rules was to protect whites from black competition. So here's another question: "Why do blacks always vote for Democrats who act against black interests when in office?" Another is: "Why to blacks keep reelecting black politicians who a openly corrupt?"
Sooooooo, three years in jail and a felony criminal record? Really?
Obama advocates (abuses) prosecutorial discretion. This case screams out for it. Prosecutorial discretion applies to specific cases and their specific circumstances.
Worse, she is black. She is therefore "a traitor to her race".
Chris Christie is NOT a real conservative.
She is not invulnerable. First, she is an old lady, and the country wants new blood. Second, her record has not been tested by opposition. The media has been as remiss in vetting her record as it was Obama's. Now that might continue, but I think the media knows in its private soul that it is partly responsible for the wreck of Obama. They will not, for a third presidential election in a row, attack the Republican in every way possible while treating the Democrat with kid gloves. Third, she really has no record of achievement to run on. We see now, some of us only lately, that electing a president who has accomplished nothing in his life except getting elected, which is pretty much all Hillary and Obama have/had going for them, is not a good thing for the country. Who wins depends more on who the Republicans run.
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