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She’s Back: Clinton Returning to Work Next Week

gdmn2find Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 5:32 PM
wow i was beginning to think this was the ultraman wrote show. getting a bit lonely in that cabin in the woods are you? As far as I am concerned, addressing islamofacists is something that should have been done 20 years ago or more. We should have nipped this in the bud back then. Now it has grown out of proportion. You liberals can stay in denial all you want, most acts of terror are caused by islamists and their supporters. other muslims who either participate directly with arms, safe houses, food, equipment, money comms or indirectly by staying silent in their supposed protests, while probably cheering on the deaths of Americans. Some of us do remember the arab street cheering after 9/11. the media doesn't show that demonstration anymore
Sec. Clinton has been noticeably absent for the past few weeks because of an illness and related concussion she sustained from fainting. Daniel Halper over at The Weekly Standard dedicated an entire post to wondering where the secretary of state has been and if we’ll even see her again before she leaves office. The answer is yes:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will return to the State Department next week after three weeks of recovery from a stomach virus and a related concussion, The Cable has confirmed.

Clinton's ongoing recovery will still prevent her from flying abroad, but will allow...

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