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Hmm so you want to believe that the teacher, someone who is supposed to be educated in one would think American History at least some parts of it, would NOT be familiar with a fellow citizens right to free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. YOU expect us to believe that do you? IF that is the case, that a teacher does NOT recognize basic rights under the Constitution, they need to be fired.
I would pity Marylanders for the governor they have, but I live in Virginia and we are now stuck the Mcawful for gov. OMG both of us are hosed.
Oh. wait, you mean they aren't doing that already? Do you really believe this to be an actual poll taken and not just numbers pulled out of thin air? I thought that was how most liberal polling was done. With Pixie dust and make believe numbers.
I've said this before and I say it again. back in the late 60's and early 70's, our returning GI's from the Viet Nam war were called all sorts of names by the left. the most used one was "baby killers". Back then an ugly label by any means. NOW??? Groups like Planned Parenthood and people like Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi, were that label like a badge of honor. Nothing but a bunch of BabyKilling fanatics.
Wow,I grew up in Connecticut and joined the military. left there back in 1975. I wouldn;t move back there for love or money now. the state is becoming more socialist than california or maryland or any left wing state you can think of. I just wish the family i still have there would move the heck out too.
Okay call me a conspriracy theorist if you like, but really, does anyone believe ANYTHING coming out of the Malaysian government regarding this flight? Is there anyone who believes like I do, that this plane is sitting in some hangar now being refitted with who knows what in preparation for a massive terror attack? How many times have we been told some bogus direction to search and found NOTHING? the only thing that has happened is the misdirection given to the searchers trying to find this jet and its passengers. in the meantime, the coverup continues and it will be impossible to find this jet. Do you really think it a coinincidence that it wasa "Lost" in the most uninhabitable place on earth?
Let's hope the jihadist congressman never gets his wish. Which step in Saul Alinskys rule book does removing gun ownership fall under?
Hummph. So, Congressman Wilson was correct during that SOTU address a few years ago. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.
I have come to the conclusion that Rep. Peter King is an idiot. Nothing indicating it was a group of terrorists? What do you think happened? How could this jet just disappear? MY opinion? Terrorists in the uniforms of Malaysia Airlines. one of whom is the pilot. HOW could they have done this? simple, Pilot(s) on oxygen at 40k feet in altitudte. Decompress the cabin where the passengers are for 3 minutes plus. Hypoxia sets in, then death from lack of oxygen for the passengers and aircrew NOT involved, if any. That would also explain why none of the passengers used their cell phones at that point. Once they passengers were no longer a concern, the pilot(s) could pretty much fly anywhere they desired and not have to worry about a passenger uprising to stop them. That jet could be anywhere and probably is at this point being repainted and refitted for any purpose desired. so please don't try to convince anyone that they crashed into the ocean somewhere without ANY bit of comms calling a mayday. For that catostrophic an incident where no communication could happen would be noticed in someones radar or satellite. There would be debris someplace at this point.
Legal, illegal makes no difference. The suit in and of itself is absurd and should be thrown out. Once that is done, throw his butt out too.
The administration has and will continue to waive more parts of this failed bill. It has become an albatross around the necks of every democrat who voted for it back in 2010. Oh and by the way, I believe EVERY democrat voted for it who was in office back in 2010. Remember Nanny Pelosi's famous quote, "we have to pass this bill in order to see what is in it." or something to that effect. Also remember not one Republican voted in favor of this bill in 2010. They were not even asked for any input when it was written. NOW... NOW the democrats are asking for help in "correcting the errors" in this bill. There comes a point where you have to stand up and admit there is no saving this bill. If I were in the house or senate and a Republican, I wouldn't lift a finger to help fix this bill. I WOULD come up with a bill that addresses the concerns raised by the failed Democrat bill and make changes such as tort reform and portability across state lines for starters.
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