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Regardless of how much of a negative effect the Clintons' had on the election, the media with its selective memory if you want to call it that, will throw their support to her for the most part. But HRC needs to keep in mind that Elizabeth Warren is close on her heels in many areas and ahead of her in others. She should also know from past experience that she can get thrown under the bus by her media friends when some passing fancy comes along. The media is terrible at vetting those THEY like, which is why we are now stuck with the Messiah in the WH. I truly believe he thinks he is King as in royalty not King as in civil rights icon. He believes that his decisions should be taken as if coming down from the mount in tablets like the ten commandments. I predict more gridlock regarding laws for the next two years only this time it will be right at the top.
Acts of such desperation have become typical of democrats. Gillespie in Virginia who I believe had this election stolen from him by voter fraud conceded in a very classy way. Yes voter fraud. It is on the increase in Virginia especially in Fairfax county and other northern counties in Virginia where it is becoming more and more populated by liberals. They same liberals who lived in DC and Maryland, until taxes got too high even for them. Now they are causing the same problems in Virginia which used to be considered a red state, but is decidedly purple now and turning blue in the north. Landrieu should demonstrate some class and at least promote a positive campaign in lieu of attacks ads that are as full of lies as her previous campaign had been.
She has a nerve calling anyone crazy. Hell she looks like Cruella Deville from one of those Disney movies. She is just nasty.
Hmmm what to do what to do about these illegal immigrant children. the way I look at it, you just walk them back across the border to Mexico. they didn't just magically appear within our border. they had to come through mexico. apparently with some Mexican collaboration. Did anyone look at the southern border of mexico and compare it in size to its northern border? you mean to tell me that they can't even control that tiny little border? I wish the hell our border was that small and easy to protect. We shouldn't care where these kids came from except for the fact they accessed our country by way of the Mexican US border. Send them back to Mexico and let Mexico deal with it. You do that and maybe just maybe Mexico will make an effort to stop this tide of illegals from coming here.
Look, I served for 20 years in the Air Force and I too am not believing what is coming out of this Bergdahls mouth. But, he like any other American is to be considered innocent until his guilt is proven. We cannot try him in the court of public opinion. We leave that process to the liberal media and liberals in general. While I believe this SOB to be guilty as hell. It is only my opinion and my belief. I would rather see him do something that has some production value while his situation is investigated. Otherwise he sits in a cell or day room watching tv all day long. He is still entitled to his military pay until this matter is investigated and adjudicated. Once that has been done, the rest will fall into place.
Israel really can't afford to be too specific in their targeting of Hamas. Hamas will use women and children as shields in the hope that Israel will not fire upon them. They also know that public relations wise, it is bad for Israel to do so. Israel is surrounded by people who practice a religion that every one of them believes that Israel needs to be wiped out. Cleaned off the face of the earth. Why should Israel care one whit about public opinion anymore? They need to do what they must to protect their citizens. I would hope that the Messiah would do the same for us, but I doubt it. He is not a Netanyahu or a Putin.
I keep hearing on the news, well Fox news at least, that these illegal immigrant kids are probably relocating to various states within our border. What I also find is that there is little if any advance notice to possible communities that this might happen. The local community leaders are being kept in the dark about the moves. Kept in the dark that various Federal organizations are actively looking for structures to place the illegals. I am curious though. Are the Governors of those states being told this is happening in advance? If so, why isn't their office contacting those communities that are being targeted and giving them an advance notice? Why are they NOT protesting this action by the Federal government and the abuse of states rights? For Instance there is a small community in upstate NY that is one town they are looking at. Gov. Cuomo didn't know about this? If he did know, why didn't he or someone in his office contact the supervisor of this town. Does Cuomo think so little of NY communities that he will allow the federal government to run roughshod over their rights? Something to think about.
If you look at the news, just how often do we hear about NOW? Not as much as we used to. Liberal democrats, the Obama administration and Planned Parenthood are taking up all the air on abortion that NOW used to breath. They came up with this list, (the first time I ever heard of it to be honest), just to draw some attention to themselves. They recognize that they are losing relevancy and need to look as if they are still a factor in women's life decisions. What they really fear is women realizing that they don't need an organization like NOW anymore. There are many laws and media groups that are doing just what NOW used to do. NOW/NAG is now nothing but a bunch of has-beens, looking for the former glory they had back in the 60's-70's. You have to look at some liberal history book to even remember the names of those women who are now suffering from furniture disease at their old age. Oh, furniture disease is their chests are now in their drawers. ;) get it?
Any state, local community or person who is sued by this DoJ should treat those cases with as much respect as Holder and Obama treat the investigations against them. Just a bunch of phony scandals. Ignore them. That is what they would do.
I wonder how many of you remember that back when the Predator in chief was in office, and the government shut down for a day, that a deal was made with Federal union employees to keep quiet about it. The democrats already had a deal in the works to close the government for the day and blame that one on the Republicans too. Took place on or about the second week of November 1995.
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