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Auditing the Federal Reserve is More Urgent Than Ever

gcampanella Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 4:00 PM
What's the point of winning an election if you're going to lose as a country? What point is there to voting? It's people like you that continue the charade. The people making this world worse are in control of both candidates. There is no lesser of two evils. This is like finding out who is more evil, Stalin or Hitler? Does it matter? Get involved with local and state government, or activist organizations, donate, sign petitions and change people's minds. I see your point, but you're going backwards. If you're not voting for Paul, for Johnson, that's what most Paul people are doing.

No government institution is more secretive than the Federal Reserve. Believe it or not, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is more transparent than the central bank of the United States. This is a huge cause for concern as the Fed dramatically affects the lives of every single American.

The Fed has never been fully audited in its nearly 100-year history. The American people only got a small glimpse of what happens behind closed doors last July. A watered-down audit conducted by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) revealed $16 trillion in Fed bailouts to banks and corporations around the world at...