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And then there were Pelosy, Reid, Weiner, Rangel, B.Frank, "hank Johnson(Guam), madam Boxer, Feinstein, Ellison, Carson(muslims-lovers of sharia law), one crook after the other and let's not forget all the Chicago Thugs re-elected in 2012.
Time for the 47% to pay their FAIR SHARE AND HAVE A SKIN IN THE GAME.
All people who have a few extra dollars, don't spend a penny more that you need for food and gas the next 3 weeks. Let the entitlement crowd and the liberals feel the effect of fleesing the socalled "rich".
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Celebrating Food Stamps for Mexico

gbusalacchi Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 11:13 AM
We can't affprd tp support you any longer while you sit on your butt and collect our hard earned money
Now thanks to ms. Fluke, you are practicing transference. Michelle Malkin is OK, you, however, can nowfluke to your hearts content,like ms. Fluke, 24/7. Just make sure to use the FREE contraceptives to guarantee you don't procreate and bring another liberal into this world.
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