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You have just proven the adage “Unlike Genius, Stupidity has no limit !” Thank you.
Bravo ! A very savy posting. Thank you for the laugh.
@ IQUIT; I agree with the sentiment of "throw them all out", Yet... we seem to return the incumbents at around 94% of the time... You have heard the joke, "Ya know them buggers in Congress just ain't worth a hot Da*m ! But MY guy is doin' a great job"... This Republic is doomed
Sheesh Jayne... Now, not only do I have to process the entire list of ROE's that must be met before I can leagally engage the perp in defence of myself or another. Now I have to ask you if you want my help? Please do everyone a huge favor here. Just wear a big sign that says "Hi I'm Jayne", and we'll know that you are covered and protected with happy thoughts. Cheers!
Bravo Doug; Great blog! It seems so obvious, yet I can not fathom how so many just will not get it. My motto has always been, "It's better to have it and not need it. Than to need it and not have it!" If you are armed, then at the very least you could have a "chance" to defend yourself or another. Otherwise you are just in a traget rich environment. And just one other observation. When was the last time you heard about one of these wack jobs attempt the same thing at a police station? Just sayin'
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