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Egyptian President Calls for Punishment of...American Filmmaker

gb22 Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 6:31 PM
Has President Obama instructed our ambassador to Egypt to tell Morsi that punishment for the film maker is not something that will happen, and is not something that can happen in the United States? And to advise the Morsi that Americans find his suggestion deeply offensive? And tell him that in the future we expect him to refrain from calling for punishment for persons in the United States who have broken no laws? And to explain that the money the United States government gives Egypt is dependent on the good will of its citizens, and he ought to keep that in mind before he opens his pie hole?

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, hasn't said a word publicly about punishing those responsible for the violent attacks on the U.S. Embassy in his country or in Libya, but he is calling for an American filmmaker to be punished for offending Muslims. Sorry buddy, that's not how the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution works.

While the main filmmaker behind an anti-Islam movie attacking the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud goes into hiding amid protests in Egypt, the country’s president, Mohamed Morsi, is demanding that the Egyptian Embassy in Washington take...