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I see she is speaking to "teens" and "young people." About violence in "gang infested neighborhoods." I guess the "teens" look like the president's if-he-had-one-son only when they are the alleged victims of violence allegedly perpetrated by people who don't look like the president's son.
Every time the president speaks he displays his amateur status. He has trouble distinguishing between the things that are his business and the things that are not. Could he try this sentence? "This is a local matter. I am confident that the authorities will handle it appropriately."
Cox tells us that Holder does not understand that self defense is a fundamental right. There is a lot that Holder doesn't understand. One item is that the legislatures in the states that have so called stand your ground laws do not care on little bit what his opinion is on this subject.
All businesses maximize profits. Or minimize losses, as you do not always make money. But anyway, if you look past your resentment of business for a moment, you will understand that actions have consequences. DC can dictate the terms under which Walmart does business within its borders. However, it is beyond the power of Barry and company to require Walmart to do business there at all. Surely you can understand that will react to this law and that the losers will be the people who don't get jobs and the shoppers who can't take advantage of Walmart's low prices. And you say "ask other retailers to open their stores." Good luck. Do you think they would not be there already if they saw an opportunity to make a profit? And do you think other retailers in Walmart's category and covered by the special minimum wage would not make the same business decisions that Walmart is making?
I do wish the interviewer would be quiet and let Barry hang himself with his own absurd and illogical arguments.
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DOJ: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Could Violate Law

gb22 Wrote: Jun 04, 2013 11:51 AM
“It has nothing to do with Sharia law,” Killian told me in a telephone interview. “It has to do with the United States Constitution and federal statutes. You have a right under the First Amendment to hate Muslims. You can hate all Muslims if you want to." But he added a caveat -- "as long as it does not rise to the level of violating federal civil rights laws.” Let's examine this for a moment. Killian says you can exercise your Constitutional rights as long as you don't violated the civil rights laws. If the exercise of a CONSTITUTIONAL right violates a statute, doesn't that necessarily mean that that the statute is unconstitutional?
You are right, but you overlook one extremely important fact. Almost NO women can hack it. If we have an objective standard, applied fairly, we would have no women in combat.
There was a recent report on an Israeli combat unit, one with women. They are treated just like them men. EXCEPT THEY DON'T HAVE TO CARRY LOADS AS HEAVY!
A gender-segregated army would eliminate rapes. True. But if combat units are segregated who is going to do the fighting for the women?
I miss his predecessor, Cynthia McKinney.
Christians get so mad they go home and put their feet up. Rag god head damned mohammedans kill people.
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