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CPAC Continues to Receive Criticism for Lack of Inclusion

Gazinya Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 11:49 AM
Wisdom and Understanding is not the same as knowledge. The Founders who wrote the Constitution had a great deal of knowledge of world governments. They prayed to the God of the Bible for Wisdom to decern amongst themselves how to set up a government for a moral and religious people. God gave them His Wisdom and the Founders wrote the Constitution. They also wrote much about HOW they came up with these articles. There is no requirement to belong to any religion but if it is going to work we must be moral in thought and deed, otherwise we get what we got now. That is Wisdom.

With CPAC just a little over two weeks away, a new story has popped up about groups being excluded. As many of us know the group GOProud and speakers like Chris Christie have not been invited to join the Conservative Political Action Conference. The American Conservative Union (ACU), that runs the conference has now created a new line in the sand with the new panel discussion they announced on Friday.

After all the controversy over some of the speakers removing themselves from the conference because GOProud would not be there, the ACU has now announced several political leaders will take part...