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Congressionally Duped Americans

Gazinya Wrote: Nov 06, 2013 9:15 AM
Actually, by the time Reagan took office LBJ and the dems had emptied the vault to pay for Viet Nam. They did this to 'hide' the true cost of the war from the people. The enormous cost could have been paid for with higher taxes but the dems chose to take the SS money, since it was just sitting there in the general fund and spend it on the war in Viet Nam and the new War on Poverty. That is the truth.
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Is There a Way Out?

Gazinya Wrote: Oct 30, 2013 8:17 PM
You have used a 'fools' mis-difinition' of the word tax. If there is a service that is returned for the money I give then it is not theft but a payment for that service. Our military 'serves' me by putting themselves in harms way when needed or 'in the last 40 year' when some S.O.B. decides to use them for their own legacy. I pay for fire, police and street maintenance that when needed I use it. But for the government to tell me it needs my money to pay for an concept is theft. I am not served by a concept of welfare to those who just feel entitled to have my money. I am called by my God to be charitable and to that end I am but to threaten me with loss of freedom if I don't contribute to ponsi schemes, or $635 million web sites that don't work, is the definition of theft.
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Thank These Republicans for Obamacare

Gazinya Wrote: Oct 30, 2013 7:38 PM
What did the Repub 'long beards' offer the conservative voter when 'sonny Bush' was 'the man'? Nothing. What great tax deal did these 'budjet busters' offer to a lasting economic future? Nothing. What memorable immigration laws, that would have fallen under the umbrella of Constitutional values, did Boehner or Cantor offer the 2010 base? Nothing. Did Bush or these 'pro-Coulter' Repubs actually 'Declare War' or did he just 'compassoinately' decide to go to war. Who bad mouthed Palin as too stupid? Look Ann, I think you may think you make some good points on the importance of actually winning elections but there is a principle that keeps people in everlasting ignorance. 'Contempt prior to investigation.' We have had your people in charge and we have not seen the difference, except maybe in intensity', from the Dems. If McConnell can't or won't seperate himself from the progressives and will not stop trying to play both sides of the fence then 'we will spew him out of our mouth'. Lukewarm is not an option. In God We Trust and in Conservatives we vote.
Just a note to future voters. Hoyer said: "Democrats knew all along this was a lie!" So to all you furture voters, when you are deciding whether to vote Dem or Repub or whatever is left to vote for, it was the Democrat that knowingly lied to you and jacked you up.
There is a term, a word, that describes The Obama voter. Rationalisation! These people tell themselves that 'even though I know it's a lie I choose to believe it because the alturnative is more than I wish to pay.' I don't believe that there are that many stupid people in this country but there are many that just are too lazy intellectually to face the truth. They choose to believe that there is no devil. They choose to believe, even in the face of contradictory evidence, that even living a lie is better than taking responsibility for their own life. Ergo......The Democrat. The perfect tool of the devil.
They don't read because they can't read. It is one of the most successful programs of the Lucifarican Party. Illiteracy is the foundation of the Democrat Party. Think The Obama.
Senator McConnel. How does a religious and moral people do 'business' with people who are the exact opposite. Don't look for compromise. Look for 'VICTORY' over these Lucifarians. It is personal character that is the bedrock of our Constitution and all these polititians looking to feather their own bed have no idea what that means.
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