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O'Reilly wants to work for The Obama. O'Reilly has, for the last 5 years, he could bring a sense of 'sanity' into the Oval Office. He thinks like The Obama. He is the real Ted Baxter.
There is scientific and historical proof that when a man thinks he is wise he is actually showing he is a fool. There is a Wisdom but it is not generated by the human mind. Knowledge can be gained by human experience but knowledge does not generate the kind of Wisdom to know the difference from Understanding and stupidity.
During the de-baits"?" and switch with Romney The Obama said 'He likes the term..Obamacare!
The Lucifarians have budgeted over $600 million tax $$s to campaign for this felony. Did the money go to the Dems in an election year or is Moochell spending in Hawaii?
According to The Obama 2 million have signed on. According to The Obama he doesn't know how many have paid any money. According to The Obama he doesn't care what lies are told because he is not into caring. Leaving out lies is not a bad thing to do when writing an article. Acorrding to The Obama.
"and those THAT have their faith in people." oops
I thought the 2008 election gave us a pretty good idea of who has faith in the God of the Bible and who have their faith in people. Three quarters of the candidates were secular humanists which match, in my opinion, this nations relationship against the one quarter that have Christian beliefs. Sarah Palin represented the Christian value system and was trashed by McCain, The Obama, Biden cabel. Though she said and did nothing egreeges she was accused of the dark sins of the RINOS and Democrats.
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Sider's Frankenstein

Gazinya Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 11:47 PM
In every parable that Jesus is said to have uttered in the Gospels concerning wealth, He teachs like this, 'A man owned a vineyard and went looking for workers.' A man owned and vineyard and left it to be cared for by trusted servents.' 'A man found a great treasure on a piece of land and went and bought that land'. His teachings move along the lines that if you want something, you work for it. There are no parables that bemoan the Pharasis for being stingy or that the Romans should re-distribute the taxes to the poor. Charity is a calling from God to the heart of man to be thankful for Gods' blessings and if you be in Christ, you will serve not steal and covet. The Lucifarians can easily become a seminarian, as well as a pastor. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson?
Even for federal workers a 1% pay raise isn't much after a three year freeze but who you going to believe. These workers got a paid vacation during the Democrat shutdown. And I can't believe with my lying eyes and shinking pocket book that inflation is only 2.1%. Milk went up more than that.
The simple reason he is not 'electable' is that he is a good RINO. He dissed Cruz and those that supported Cruz. He is a 'amnesty' advocate and he is a 'former' pastor. How did preaching get sharked by blathering politics.
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