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Everyone hates Lawyers......until they need one!
Marc Lamont Hill drives me crazy too. But, I am interested in what the "enemy" has to say. Hill is about as extreme as you can get and we need to know what that side is up to. I always thought Hill talked like a jackhammer in heat, but your description of "a cocktail of cocaine and caffeine" is right on as well.
You already used that comment months ago, Lois. Try to be more creative, will you?
Again, how can Lois and AO miss the obvious difference between the lavish vacations of the Obama's compared to the modest vacations of Reagan and Bush? Willful omission has to be in play here. Please can we advance from kindergarten here?
I think Lois thinks it's real cute to waste our time with capricious questions and comments. She has about as much depth as a dried up puddle of rain.
Lois, do you go out of your way to miss obvious points, or does it just come naturally to you? You waste so much of our time making us explain something that a 5 year old would pick up on.
In case you haven't noticed, AO, it's ALWAYS news when our President, whomever that might be at the time, goes on vacation. Your comment couldn't be more ludicrous. Why do you try and pretend that what the Obama's do is not news? Oh, unless it has to do with unimportant things like Fast & Furious or Benghazi. Now there are two cases of non-newsworthy items.
Perhaps her spending was very taxing on rhinegarten?
They'll be in for a shock!
I am tempted to say that Congress should just slash their wrists and be done with it.
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